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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One Liners: Solar System

I am all for that blissful almost calming feeling of insignificance when I look out onto the horizon on the beach. But this picture actually just gives me heart palpitations. 

Magic Mike

Apparently it's loosely  based on the life of Channing Tatum who at the age of 19 found a way to make some fast cash if you know what I'm saying ;)

Stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Matt Bomer.

Here's a few stills I found lying around on the internet just waiting for me to pick them up and give them a safe home on my blog.

US Air Date is 29th June. I'm just waiting for people to be as stoked as I am.

Added Note after realising todays date: That's in exactly 4months time.

Matt Bomer

My latest rekindled love.

He is just so yummy for lack of a better word.
He is on a TV show in the US called White Collar, they showed the first season here in the UK but since then I have heard neither hide nor hear about it coming back, so after realising they were on their 3rd season and had been renewed for a 4th I had to jump back on that bandwagon. I was thrilled to see him on In Time last year and I think that's was subconsciously stemmed all of this. 
His portrayal of con artist turned FBI consultant Neil Caffery is just to perfect. Doing some research on him in January and he has 3kids and is going to be in a movie with Channing Tatum (Drool) and Alex Pettyfer (Again) called Magic Mike which is about a group of male strippers. Yes I will shamelessly be in the biggest scree possible with bells on. I was telling my sister how Hawt he is and then she told me he was gay. I didn't believe her because I had recently checked his Wikipedia page (Early February), so I went back and there it was in Times New Roman. Though It was a little funny because he had just admitted it a few days after I had checked his page.
I'm just upset that I can't marry him and my kids will never have that stunning jaw *Sigh* But he is still fine like sunshine so I'll just have to stick to watching his hawt self on my laptop.

It's all very peculiar, when I was 14, 15, 16 when you're supposed to be in love with celebrities and various other people I never was but now psh that's all me and my friend do, nudge each other shamelessly when someone takes off their shirt, start giggling and hollering at the TV/Cinema Screen. It's actually too funny. Think I'm enjoying it more now than I would have done beforehand to be honest. So Matt Bomer... 
Take It Off :)


Friday, 24 February 2012

One Liners: Friday Nights

I get the appeal... It's been a long week time to enjoy myself. 
For me the weight of the week comes crashing down and I get overwhelmingly exhausted and just want to relax and sleep.


She woulda made a good Stephanie Plum. (Random Picture I found when I typed Stephanie Plum into Google)

Obsession doesn't even begin to describe.

Stephanie Plum..... Live Action

Do we really need to reiterate just how long I have been waiting for this movie.... WE DO? Well alrighty then, you're lucky I'm a blogging whore and did a little digging and found the first time I heard about the movie....

So yeah I went to see it today, first time I think I have ever been to see a movie on a Friday out of choice. I don't know what to tell you, it's my favourite book series on the big screen. Some things and people were way off in comparison to their book counterparts, the odd person was on point such as Connie, Lula I could deal with though he dressing was way to appropriate in the movie compared to the neon coloured spandex four sizes to small clothing she is more accustomed to in the book. One can't help comparing the two the whole way through. I have to admit that as the film went on I did get used to the actors chosen and the characters themselves. I can't work out if I would or wouldn't encourage others to go and see the movie if it wasn't for my bias opinions of the book itself. Who knows. It was still fun to see any way, though I know that when I read the books there's no danger of me imagining the characters that portrayed them.

I also brought my book along with me to see the movie for moral support.

I think having them turn Stephanie Plum into a movie was a lot different than Harry Potter and Twilight. I can't quite place why.

A Little Thing Called Faith

As you have probably guessed by now, one thing I lack is passion. You watch all these shows where everyone is determined to achieve a goal no matter what, and there's no favouritism. It's both the good guys and the bad. The normal reaction to watching this is to motivate you to follow your dreams and achieve your full potential blah blah blah. I don't get that rush of, I NEED TO DO BETTER. Well actually that's a lie. I do, but then I change the channel or the movie ends and I go and do something else and that moment of flare to achieve something is gone like the wind (Good movie by the way). What's worse is that I have come to terms and I have accepted this lack of passion, my give-up attitude in life. I'm fine with being fickle and going through a phases of being better for a week or two then just going back to lazy Jen.
The main point to this post is that I have a friend who actually believes I can do absolutely anything, and I know parents tell you all the time but with them you're always sceptical because you know there's a handbook. But he's always saying stuff like "Jen I have the most awesome Idea, you should be/host/have/try" and he'll pitch me this really well thought out idea, and when I decline or tell him I'll think about it he comes back to me every so often to try and nudge me to do it. The kids attention span is small but it's really sweet that he thinks I can do it all and just be completely baffled at just how far my laziness can stretch. He's nearly known me for almost just over 18months and he's catching on to my attitude towards things.
I'm not apologising for the way I am and I know I could change if I wanted to but the will to do so is just so small against the need to do nothing at all. It's not a healthy attitude towards life but what can you do? Regardless it's still nice to hear and have someone that has so much faith in you and what you can do. So yeah to my friend that thinks I can have and do it all.
Thank you.


Is a sport (Regardless of what might say) that I used to do when I was a lot young, gosh almost ten years ago. Well anyways I stopped when I got to highschool cause they didn't have a club, I tried to get the PE Teachers to start one and they said "Yeah I'll look into what we can do" They didn't do anything. It's always been at the back of my mind.....
If I had continued would I be really good by now, would I have tried competing, would I be in the Olympics, would I even be at Uni, at a different Uni, studying a different subject. Who knows I'm not just tooting my own horn, I was really good and it was one of the few things, minus watching television7, sleeping and eating that I loved to do. I would watch TV whilst doing headstands, I went through a phase of only doing forward rolls in the house which made going to the toilet very difficult.
Anyways I finally found out they have a club at my university. The first week I went they got scheduling mixed up so nothing happened. I went the following week and it was just me there by myself with the two instructors and my friend for moral support. It was fun doing cartwheels and round offs and getting dizzy.
The pain that followed was a bitch and a half and I convinced myself not to go again. Luckily I also managed to shut myself up and give it another go.
This time there was two of us, but it wasn't very active. I learnt a few new things and it felt good to stretch myself Oout but it wasn't a perfect environment, as the instructor said it was unsafe to learn flips etc. In that session I heard to parts of my body click. Well it wasn't a click but more of a bone crunching melty sound. Anyways as I left I realised a few things. I wasn't getting taught what I wanted to learn. The instructer didn't seem that enthusiastic herself. I am way to old. To stretch myself out to be as flexible as I once was would take more than an hour weekly sessions and I was living out an old dream. It was fun to get back into it so I can no longer be saying "I haven't done it in years"
This post has lost a lot of focus and I hoped I've typed this all out in order, my mind just got distracted half way through. But yeah to conclude. No more gymnastics. I might try the Ukulele and try and get back into baking and I am a film student so there is always that.

They did say there was an actual centre where they could teach me all that stuff but it's really out of the way. And it's on two days that my schedule is already really hectic. 

Saturday, 18 February 2012


I am glad that these few weeks are done and over with.
I have been super busy with this experimental project we had to do, but the assessment was on Thursday and surprisingly we didn't get ass whipped by the tutors. Will wonders never cease?

Anyways I need to start another one but the guy I'm meant to be working with tells me he's quitting the course on the down low. I wasn't miffed at him because we hadn't even started, what I am annoyed about how ever is that because of this I might have to find another pair to join up with and that means that I won't be able to have any creative input, like last time. Which is fair in their defence cause I'd be joining something that they already have in mind but it'd annoy me cause this would be the second project in a row.

Okay enough about uni talk. Although I don't think I have anything else to talk about.....
Oh my cousins getting married today. I think this is my first blood relative to get married but its a kick in the nuts because she's having the wedding in Nigeria and I'm at uni so I couldn't go. My dads there though representing the family, but I remember when I was younger and this cousin was living with us and she would talk about it and say how we would all be bridesmaids and stuff. And even if that wouldn't be true going to her wedding has always been at the back at mind. February is such a weird time, though if we had half term then I would have been able to go. But we don't and I can't.

Hopefully going to a movie this week. Sounds like a weird thing to say cause going to a movie is such a casual thing but because of this project I haven't been able to go in about three weeks and I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

Also last night I was all cosied up in bed with a movie when my friend rang me. I didn't pick up, and like the annoying idiot he is he rang me again. I guess I haven't seen him in a little over a week as he went to Amsterdam as part of a uni trip with his course. ANYWAYS I pick up more out of annoyance than anything else, and he asks me why I didn't pick up the first time and I tell him that I knew he was going to try and hassle my life and I wanted to be left alone. We laughs and tells me he's outside. (He always does this and that's exactly why I didn't pick up) So I go to my balcony and there he is with on of his friends and he's telling he to get ready and come downstairs (I am currently in night-time Jen mode) So we're yelling at each other over the phone/ balcony and he's insisting and I'm di-sisting and I'm shouting stuff like "Go away I'm not going anywhere I'm not wearing a bra" I have to say it wasn't one of my most classy moments but its Friday night and no one cared. Just goes to show what kind of life I lead when I have no intention of going anywhere on a Friday night.

Okay that's all for the time being.

Monday, 6 February 2012

I have Pop Tarts

I love it.
Forgot to mention it when I bought it a few weeks back.
It was just sitting there on the bottom shelf at Tesco around the cereal bit.
Did a happy little dance spin in Tesco.
It snowed yesterday. Everything was all well and good as I went to uni in the morning (Yes I had to go to uni on a Saturday. I was pissed) But anyways, I leave like 3hours later and I see the snow has started. Then me and my friend went to check out a place for next year, and they kept us waiting for 30mins, in that time I watched at the snow slowing but surely started to settle. After we had finished, we stopped for pizza, popped into Tesco and was home by 4:00pm. My friend tells me that she's going out to by chicken wings (Cause the place wan't open when we were already out) and she asks if I've looked out side. This is what I was welcomed with. Literally in the space of 4hours the whole place had turned into a winter wonderland. My inner photographer decided to rare it's ugly head and I took a few shots from the balcony. I't was cool cause I got to play about with the snow future my new camera has. I have to say it's quite something. Captures individual flakes and everything. Loving it.

Haven't stepped out the house since yesterday but the peeks I have taken of outside the apartment and on to the street show that the snow has gone from the pavements. Yays.
The whole point of this post was to say that I love the snow setting on my camera but I had to give you a long assed back-story just to make it all worth while ;)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Me And The Internet Are At Peace Once More

After one disappointment after the other in terms of trying to find something that I don't necessarily know the name of or a specific design of something that I saw someone wearing. Google, Amazon, Ebay, and whatever have failed in helping me find exactly what I had in mind, no matter how vague or far fetched. But today a random show I use to watch on Channel 5 years and years ago came to mind so I went about trying to find it. I only knew two specifications: That it was set in a Boarding School and that there was a character who was a girl but pretended to be a guy and his/her male friend thought he was gay for liking him. It only took me about 10mins to find I was so happy, and what topped it off was that the full length episodes were all on Youtube. Win. If I had known that one of the main characters was Ian Somerhalder then that would have made my search a million times quicker. Sadly the show only lasted for eight episodes but regardless I thought it had gone on for ages. I f you're not particularly busy or just bored check it:

Young Americans.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Last Friday Night

Which was yesterday night.
Me and one of my flatmates went out. We didnt particularly want to but then we had said to another friend that we would come to one of her events and we couldnt get out of it so decided to just bite the bullet and go for it.
It was like -0 degrees but we both got dolled up because we hadn't been out on ages.

It was a total dud, we walked to the place and it looked dead so we didn't really want to go in and waste £5 so we tried contacting her but she never replied. So instead I called another of my friends that was out and walked over to meet them. The whole lot of them were in a drunk/sandwich mood which was funny. But then we walked all the way back to where me and my friend had just been which was a tad bit pissed. We finally did go in  (luckily was only £3) and it was dead with a capital DEAD. Not sure if we were even in the right place. There was a massive queue around the front but we went round the back. Whatever, there was literally no one there. So we left to go to another place and that was dead to. It was Dupstep but not the good kind, more like a cheap knock off form of Dubstep so me and my friend snuck out went home. My friend called me later while I was in the shower (I tend to get a lot of calls when I'm in the shower, I have a tendency to pick up even though it's really stupid.) and asked where I was. I explained and he said that he was going to come over cause he was bored of the clubs. He did, we chatted for a bit then I told him to get the hell out so I could go to sleep.

I thought I was going to die from hypothermia that night. And that just solidified my knowledge that you should never go out unless you really want to and you should always have in mind where you want to go and with whom. It didn't help that I was roughly dressed like this.....
....Roughly. People do the craziest things.

Whether or not you like dupstep

This guy goes hard.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Loner Thoughts

I keep telling myself that I should stop being so anuti-social and to go out and make some friends and to stop sitting by myself in lectures and seminars and to answer peoples texts and calls and messages.

Then a random thought just occurred to me recently..... Like in the last half an hour..... I should stop telling myself such things. Its not like I have no friends, it not like if I really wanted to I couldn't go and have a convosation with someone on my course or go out and get wasted with the people who invite me to do so, or stop going to movies by myself and start inviting people with me.

I am perfectly happy doing what I do and thats what I've always done, I just do whatever I feel like doing and Its gotten me this far and I have to say I am one of the happiest pessimists you will ever meet and I love the feeling I get when I am on my home from somewhere and I know that on 3mins I will be back in my toastie apartment, or the warm toastie feeling I get as I snuggle into my seat at the cinema and start unloading my snacks all around me waiting for my movie to start.


I think I have lost my way abit in this post as it is the rambligs of a soiciopathic loner.

So yeah, whatever I said before.

Random Events

Yesterday we did some filming and there was this awkward funny moment when me and the guy both had the same intention as to what we would be filming next and t he girl was saying something else so we had this mini argument over what was right and she actually got in a huff that she couldn't have her own way. I thought it was hilarious, it also kind of solidified my suspicion that she was an only child. Therefore she displays characteristics of Only Child Syndrome as I like to call it.
Anyways it was like really awkward in the room for ages as she stood in a corner on her phone and me and the guy did the scene by ourselves. I eventually managed to entice her to come back and help out through stroking her ego a bit, saying that she musta been so popular cause she was getting loads of texts and how I never get any  and getting her to talk about her weekend cause she's going some place or another. CATNIP. I thought it was all so internally hilarious.

I came back and just wanted to stay at home in my jogging bottoms and not leave the house again but then my friend called me in the shower and we were chatting for a bit and he said he was coming over. That was all well and good. But then he rings me later and says he's downstairs in the car waiting for me :/ I wanted to say no and if I had known he wanted to go out I wouldn't have even picked up the phone and just continued my shower in peace. I guess there was some misunderstanding and I couldn't have just been like eh-Na! so I shoved on some jeans and got into the car.

I honestly wonder why he wanted me to come with him, the little douche bag. We chilled at some random guys house watching him play Mortal Combat and showing each other stuff on Youtube and shared a few sandwiches. I don't know having a guys bonding session plus me? Then they started watching Harold and Kumar (The first one) and I announced that I was heading home then my friend was like "Oh I guess I have to leave to" Now that's not what I had in mind but erm okay whateves I get a ride home. Then he was like pleading for me to stay for at least 10mins. 40mins later I was like okay guys bye. And they were all like "BYE" I was pissed because I had had a long day and if my friend wasn't planning to leave with me then why say so before and just let me leave? This friend suffers from Youngest Sibling Syndrome.

So yeah I managed to get from the dude flat to my bedroom in 6mins I was that cold and desperate for sleep, I didn't even think I would be leaving the house in the first place, Id' had a long day as it was and all I wanted was some bed time. Might bitch at my friend next time I see him or just ignore a few calls. Who knows. Some times I feel like they treat me like their little pet, -Him and his flatmates/my friends- they call me to come over, they call me if they don't want to do something their selves and no one else is available, use me to get in the middle of their own problems and I usually don't care because I'm a Not Give A Fudge kinda gal, and I just run with it and I have a good time with them, but other times it's like. Why don't you come over to my place or text me just to see how I am or whatever.

Okay that's enough. Though I should have saved that last rant for another post cause it had the potential to go on for a lot longer than I allowed it too.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Off I go to be a media student

Got filming to do for some experimental project, I'm all for experimenetal pieces but I joined these other two people and they already had an idea which I think is way to under developed and needs a lot more time to work on than we have. 5minute piece to do in 3 weeks. One week Planning, One week filming and One week editing. I missed yesterday but I heard it went terribly, now off I go to spend another day of my life in a cold apartment when I could be in my nice and warm one. Don't get me wrong I have said stuff and tried to get them to see it from another point of view but at the same time we are all artists and I can't just go and slate someone elses dream just because I don't see it like they do. Think I'm more pissed that I have to take the Tram to get to the guys house we're filming at. £3.70 for a tram all day cause it's £2.10 one way, and I'm going to have to go over there three times, it woulda been four but like I said I missed out yesterday...Darn, okay this is one of them procrastination posts, I should really get going, said I'd be there for 11 and its 10:39. 20 minute tram ride.... Yeah imma be a smidge late.

Blogger I have missed you.

30 Seconds To Mars

They've been on my Top 5 favourite bands for a few years now, along with Fall Out Boy, Paramore, McFly and Simple Plan. No one hates them, people may just not know about them, some are disinterested by them others know the odd song and then there are the lovers.

Hi my names Jen and I'm a Lover

You know how you love something but for a while the love fades as other things get your attention but sooner or later the love returns with a Die Hard Vengeance. (Don't know why I capitalised those words, not like I'm talking about the movie or anything) Mine returned after watching 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Malaysia on a random MTVHD channel. If you get the chance then watch it, It will blow your mind, especially in HD. So yeah that' where the love kick started and I have been on them since. Granted I watched the live show weeks ago while I was at home, cause you know, I don't have Sky HD.....Just sky :)

So yeah, can't think what else to say really, I have about 3 different recordings on the TV we have in the apartment on 30STM; 30STM Trilogy, 30STM Greatest Hits and 30STM vs. My Chemical Romance. My flatmates ask me home I can just listen to the same songs again and again. I dunno.

Also I am getting myself the Triad necklace for my birthday next month. Yay me.

Okay that is all I think.

Shannon and Tomo are way underrated.... Especially Shannon and his mad skills on the drums

Oh no wait, My favourite 30 Seconds To Mars Song: A Beautiful Lie. Though I am sure I have mentioned it before.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shoes Glorious Schuhs

So my shoe list for the year is full, considering minus the Vans they cost over £60. Each.

Read or Dead

Irregular Choice

Dr. Martins



So I have been wanting some Purple Lipstick for a while, don't even as me why cause I honestly don't remember how the idea formed. I guess I musta seen someone on television who wearing some and thought: Jen Want. I dunno.

So yeah I was looking and looking cause in my mind I saw the colour in my head as looking like this:

But alas I found none, and after searching high and low, near and far and being subjected to a number of funny looks I finally got the one from the Kate Moss Collection that looks like this.

I didn't like it at first, but then I started o get used to it and now I'm loving it. Though in some lights it looks a kind of browny colour. I add a little gloss to shine those lips up. Sadly unlike the red I wear everyday, this I cannot. Well I could, but I don't intend to. I guess its just for me to wear around the flat or on a night out, but we all know the rarity of that.

Also what's the name of a few good picture editing sites/software's that I can use for free? I already have Picasso so any more suggestions would be fabo.


so little time

I say this every opportunity I can get

This is why I'm not a firm believer in the whole new years resolutions, I'll make some but I make resolutions whenever I can especially to make up for not doing what I resoluted for the previous resolution. MY POINT IS. Yay it's February and yay time to make new resolutions :)

Keep Up

So I have always been meaning to but while I was at home this holiday I started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and thus all of the spin offs (Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloe and Lamar) I've always been aware of them and I watched the Wedding on E! Just because I could to be honest *Shift Eyes* As well as this I also randomly see Kardashian Confessions on the internet and..... Well I don't quite know what to say. I wont give any real depth into my opinion on each character person, namely because you don't care and also because it does change. I will just say that before I ever watched it Kourtney just annoyed me, but I like her now, I've always like Khloe, the Jenners are cooler than I thought, especially Kylie....Erm Kim remind me of someone I don't particularly like so my judgement of her as a whole is just a bit clouded. Scott has his issues but he's till cute and I'm shallow.

My interest in this show may surprise people because I am usually so set against reality shows, but that's just cause I cannot physically watch them without getting annoyed at the people. Mostly it's immediate such as in the one and only episode of Jersey Shore that I watched and sometimes its progressive (season 5 or 6 of Americas Next Top Model) and so one and so forth. I'm not sure if it's happening now already because I seem to have just stopped right as I am meant to start watching the KUWTK Season 5 finale. I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Anyways I know people say it's all scripted, but I tell you that they must all be REALLY good actors then. Some bits yeah but a lot of it no, especially when it comes to personality. There is a really nice family relationship they have that you can't not be slightly envious of.
That's all.


I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around one of my flatmates. People think that I have mood swings? OKAY THEN. I suppose this could just be her personality but I don't feel like she's the same person I agreed to move in with. When I ask about her day she gives the same one worded answer, never elaborates, sometimes just goes out without saying where or when she'll be back. I'm not her mother or whatever but it sometimes seems like she's sneaking out to avoid having to invite me and my other flatmate with her. In fact, thinking about it since we've gotten back she's never invited us out with her. We don't play that, we are perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching a movie on a Friday and Saturday night.

Again this could all just be in my imagination but what can I say. Like on Friday...or Saturday? She went to some party in Nottingham, she came back Sunday night, we asked how it was she muttered fine and she hasn't said two words since.
I am not NOT confrontational but I just prefer to wait until I am certain that there's an issue, in this case our other flatmate asked if I knew why she was being so quite, and if we should talk to her about it. Firm believer in treating other how you want to be treated and I wouldn't especially appreciate someone asking about me about something like that or if they did I would lie and say I was okay. I just prefer to wait it out or whatever. But now we're all in our rooms, in fact I haven't even seen her today but I know she's in, and she has a friend over and I can here them laughing and her friend came over in heels so then this just goes round full circle. She just doesn't like our company and feels like she has to sneak off?
Okay down side of blogging is that all your thoughts just flow and get typed you blow things WAY out of proportion, Good Side. You realise you're doing it and realise it's all ranting and raving but you realise that you make some very good points.
Also she doesn't want to live with us next year, she says its cause of studies but this just makes you question it.

Okay that's enough. If she should ever happen to stumble upon this:......................

Yeah I have nothing to say.


I know everyone is in the whole OMG ITS FEBRUARY ALREADY WHERE DID THE YEAR GO! Mood, aand its true,  I honestly feel like I've blinked but that could just be because I only got back to uni on the 21st. Which was a week ago on Saturday.

I haven't blogged much primaily becuase I haven;t done anything of interest. I spent the month I had off from uni being a slob at home, sleeping in till one in the afternoon, watching movies till my siblings got back before proceeding to watch more television, my mother would come back and me and my sister would race to the kitchen to start dinner and make it look like we've been there all along. We would eat watch more television then I'd go up to my room and watch something/read till about 4am then sleep.

I could have literally copy and pasted that paragraph into ever day of my blogging absence. Fun right?

So Yeah I am back at uni and they have already kicked us in the teeth with the work load, give a homie a break right? I also got a first on one of my projects which I was obvs ecstatic about, danced around the library. Stopped and saved it till I got home where I continued in my room for a while.
Since then not a lot, spent the day with my other friends. I always go early with the intention of leaving early, so got there like 4pm and I didn't get back to mine till 5am. Yeah I know.

Erm what else. Oh yeah of course, so it's active week at the uni and so me and my friend have decided to try out a  clubs. Tennis and Gymnastics, Her the former and me the latter, but its all free this week so I went with her to Tennis today. For one its abso freezing and we played outside so when I get a cold in the next few days don't be surprised. I'm not a running around kinda gal, namely because I am plain lazy and not because I am a girl so don't get it twisted, but to day was fun. I don't think I have ever actually played tennis. I think it was obvious from what people saw today. BUT I DO HAVE A MEAN BACK SWING SO SUCK IT. Lying in bed and I feel all knitted up and achey and I feel a cold coming on.

Movies Watched in 2011

Alice in Wonderland
Sherlock Holmes
Post Grad
Great Expectations (1998)
St Trinians 2
One Hour Photo
Planet of the Apes
Men Who Stare at Goats
The Informant
Wedding Daze
Up In The Air
Suburban Girl
Wild Hogs
Valentines Day
Youth in Revolt
When Harry met Sally
Down with Love
Soul Men
Sorority Row
Clash Of The Titans
How To Marry A Millionaire
Solomon Kane
I Am Number Four
Astro Boy
The Reader
Elektra Luxx
Repo Men
Avalon High
The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnasus
Lets Dance
Night at the Museum 2
Your Highness
Date Night
Prince Of Persia
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The Notebook
Whip It!
When In Rome
Sream 2
Scream 3
How To Train A Dragon
6 Degrees Of Separation
Gnomeo ans Juliet
X-Men: First Class
Fast Five
Cop Out
The Sorcerers Apprentice
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Wild Target
Funny Face
Kung Fu Panda
Dirt Harry
The Karate Kid
The Shawshank Redemption
Two For The Road
Legally Blonde
Romeo Must Die
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
Dude Where's My Car?
Shutter Island
Pulp Fiction
The Godfather II
The A-Team
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
The Stepfather
My Girlfriends Boyfriend
The Last Airbender
Top Gun
The Beach
Knight and Day
Friends With Benefits
The Three Musketeers
Paranormal Activity 3
Real Steel
American Beauty
From Paris With Love
Madea's Big Happy Family
Vampires Suck
The Social Network
In Time
The Ides Of March
Immortals 3D
Iron Man 2
Another Earth
Arthur Christmas
Singin' In The Rain
Enemy Of State
The Grinch


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