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Thursday, 2 February 2012

30 Seconds To Mars

They've been on my Top 5 favourite bands for a few years now, along with Fall Out Boy, Paramore, McFly and Simple Plan. No one hates them, people may just not know about them, some are disinterested by them others know the odd song and then there are the lovers.

Hi my names Jen and I'm a Lover

You know how you love something but for a while the love fades as other things get your attention but sooner or later the love returns with a Die Hard Vengeance. (Don't know why I capitalised those words, not like I'm talking about the movie or anything) Mine returned after watching 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Malaysia on a random MTVHD channel. If you get the chance then watch it, It will blow your mind, especially in HD. So yeah that' where the love kick started and I have been on them since. Granted I watched the live show weeks ago while I was at home, cause you know, I don't have Sky HD.....Just sky :)

So yeah, can't think what else to say really, I have about 3 different recordings on the TV we have in the apartment on 30STM; 30STM Trilogy, 30STM Greatest Hits and 30STM vs. My Chemical Romance. My flatmates ask me home I can just listen to the same songs again and again. I dunno.

Also I am getting myself the Triad necklace for my birthday next month. Yay me.

Okay that is all I think.

Shannon and Tomo are way underrated.... Especially Shannon and his mad skills on the drums

Oh no wait, My favourite 30 Seconds To Mars Song: A Beautiful Lie. Though I am sure I have mentioned it before.

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  1. thats the first picture where I've thought Shannon looks like Jared's bro



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