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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around one of my flatmates. People think that I have mood swings? OKAY THEN. I suppose this could just be her personality but I don't feel like she's the same person I agreed to move in with. When I ask about her day she gives the same one worded answer, never elaborates, sometimes just goes out without saying where or when she'll be back. I'm not her mother or whatever but it sometimes seems like she's sneaking out to avoid having to invite me and my other flatmate with her. In fact, thinking about it since we've gotten back she's never invited us out with her. We don't play that, we are perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching a movie on a Friday and Saturday night.

Again this could all just be in my imagination but what can I say. Like on Friday...or Saturday? She went to some party in Nottingham, she came back Sunday night, we asked how it was she muttered fine and she hasn't said two words since.
I am not NOT confrontational but I just prefer to wait until I am certain that there's an issue, in this case our other flatmate asked if I knew why she was being so quite, and if we should talk to her about it. Firm believer in treating other how you want to be treated and I wouldn't especially appreciate someone asking about me about something like that or if they did I would lie and say I was okay. I just prefer to wait it out or whatever. But now we're all in our rooms, in fact I haven't even seen her today but I know she's in, and she has a friend over and I can here them laughing and her friend came over in heels so then this just goes round full circle. She just doesn't like our company and feels like she has to sneak off?
Okay down side of blogging is that all your thoughts just flow and get typed you blow things WAY out of proportion, Good Side. You realise you're doing it and realise it's all ranting and raving but you realise that you make some very good points.
Also she doesn't want to live with us next year, she says its cause of studies but this just makes you question it.

Okay that's enough. If she should ever happen to stumble upon this:......................

Yeah I have nothing to say.

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