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Friday, 24 February 2012


Is a sport (Regardless of what might say) that I used to do when I was a lot young, gosh almost ten years ago. Well anyways I stopped when I got to highschool cause they didn't have a club, I tried to get the PE Teachers to start one and they said "Yeah I'll look into what we can do" They didn't do anything. It's always been at the back of my mind.....
If I had continued would I be really good by now, would I have tried competing, would I be in the Olympics, would I even be at Uni, at a different Uni, studying a different subject. Who knows I'm not just tooting my own horn, I was really good and it was one of the few things, minus watching television7, sleeping and eating that I loved to do. I would watch TV whilst doing headstands, I went through a phase of only doing forward rolls in the house which made going to the toilet very difficult.
Anyways I finally found out they have a club at my university. The first week I went they got scheduling mixed up so nothing happened. I went the following week and it was just me there by myself with the two instructors and my friend for moral support. It was fun doing cartwheels and round offs and getting dizzy.
The pain that followed was a bitch and a half and I convinced myself not to go again. Luckily I also managed to shut myself up and give it another go.
This time there was two of us, but it wasn't very active. I learnt a few new things and it felt good to stretch myself Oout but it wasn't a perfect environment, as the instructor said it was unsafe to learn flips etc. In that session I heard to parts of my body click. Well it wasn't a click but more of a bone crunching melty sound. Anyways as I left I realised a few things. I wasn't getting taught what I wanted to learn. The instructer didn't seem that enthusiastic herself. I am way to old. To stretch myself out to be as flexible as I once was would take more than an hour weekly sessions and I was living out an old dream. It was fun to get back into it so I can no longer be saying "I haven't done it in years"
This post has lost a lot of focus and I hoped I've typed this all out in order, my mind just got distracted half way through. But yeah to conclude. No more gymnastics. I might try the Ukulele and try and get back into baking and I am a film student so there is always that.

They did say there was an actual centre where they could teach me all that stuff but it's really out of the way. And it's on two days that my schedule is already really hectic. 

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