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Monday, 6 February 2012

It snowed yesterday. Everything was all well and good as I went to uni in the morning (Yes I had to go to uni on a Saturday. I was pissed) But anyways, I leave like 3hours later and I see the snow has started. Then me and my friend went to check out a place for next year, and they kept us waiting for 30mins, in that time I watched at the snow slowing but surely started to settle. After we had finished, we stopped for pizza, popped into Tesco and was home by 4:00pm. My friend tells me that she's going out to by chicken wings (Cause the place wan't open when we were already out) and she asks if I've looked out side. This is what I was welcomed with. Literally in the space of 4hours the whole place had turned into a winter wonderland. My inner photographer decided to rare it's ugly head and I took a few shots from the balcony. I't was cool cause I got to play about with the snow future my new camera has. I have to say it's quite something. Captures individual flakes and everything. Loving it.

Haven't stepped out the house since yesterday but the peeks I have taken of outside the apartment and on to the street show that the snow has gone from the pavements. Yays.
The whole point of this post was to say that I love the snow setting on my camera but I had to give you a long assed back-story just to make it all worth while ;)


  1. Snow is sooo pretty... it's perfect snowman weather.

  2. So cuteee,
    Snow will never stop being magical



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