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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Last Friday Night

Which was yesterday night.
Me and one of my flatmates went out. We didnt particularly want to but then we had said to another friend that we would come to one of her events and we couldnt get out of it so decided to just bite the bullet and go for it.
It was like -0 degrees but we both got dolled up because we hadn't been out on ages.

It was a total dud, we walked to the place and it looked dead so we didn't really want to go in and waste £5 so we tried contacting her but she never replied. So instead I called another of my friends that was out and walked over to meet them. The whole lot of them were in a drunk/sandwich mood which was funny. But then we walked all the way back to where me and my friend had just been which was a tad bit pissed. We finally did go in  (luckily was only £3) and it was dead with a capital DEAD. Not sure if we were even in the right place. There was a massive queue around the front but we went round the back. Whatever, there was literally no one there. So we left to go to another place and that was dead to. It was Dupstep but not the good kind, more like a cheap knock off form of Dubstep so me and my friend snuck out went home. My friend called me later while I was in the shower (I tend to get a lot of calls when I'm in the shower, I have a tendency to pick up even though it's really stupid.) and asked where I was. I explained and he said that he was going to come over cause he was bored of the clubs. He did, we chatted for a bit then I told him to get the hell out so I could go to sleep.

I thought I was going to die from hypothermia that night. And that just solidified my knowledge that you should never go out unless you really want to and you should always have in mind where you want to go and with whom. It didn't help that I was roughly dressed like this.....
....Roughly. People do the craziest things.

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  1. phwooaarrr
    i wish i was you
    haven't read this but was scrolling and saw this :p
    ima read soon i promise



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