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Friday, 24 February 2012

A Little Thing Called Faith

As you have probably guessed by now, one thing I lack is passion. You watch all these shows where everyone is determined to achieve a goal no matter what, and there's no favouritism. It's both the good guys and the bad. The normal reaction to watching this is to motivate you to follow your dreams and achieve your full potential blah blah blah. I don't get that rush of, I NEED TO DO BETTER. Well actually that's a lie. I do, but then I change the channel or the movie ends and I go and do something else and that moment of flare to achieve something is gone like the wind (Good movie by the way). What's worse is that I have come to terms and I have accepted this lack of passion, my give-up attitude in life. I'm fine with being fickle and going through a phases of being better for a week or two then just going back to lazy Jen.
The main point to this post is that I have a friend who actually believes I can do absolutely anything, and I know parents tell you all the time but with them you're always sceptical because you know there's a handbook. But he's always saying stuff like "Jen I have the most awesome Idea, you should be/host/have/try" and he'll pitch me this really well thought out idea, and when I decline or tell him I'll think about it he comes back to me every so often to try and nudge me to do it. The kids attention span is small but it's really sweet that he thinks I can do it all and just be completely baffled at just how far my laziness can stretch. He's nearly known me for almost just over 18months and he's catching on to my attitude towards things.
I'm not apologising for the way I am and I know I could change if I wanted to but the will to do so is just so small against the need to do nothing at all. It's not a healthy attitude towards life but what can you do? Regardless it's still nice to hear and have someone that has so much faith in you and what you can do. So yeah to my friend that thinks I can have and do it all.
Thank you.

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