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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Me And The Internet Are At Peace Once More

After one disappointment after the other in terms of trying to find something that I don't necessarily know the name of or a specific design of something that I saw someone wearing. Google, Amazon, Ebay, and whatever have failed in helping me find exactly what I had in mind, no matter how vague or far fetched. But today a random show I use to watch on Channel 5 years and years ago came to mind so I went about trying to find it. I only knew two specifications: That it was set in a Boarding School and that there was a character who was a girl but pretended to be a guy and his/her male friend thought he was gay for liking him. It only took me about 10mins to find I was so happy, and what topped it off was that the full length episodes were all on Youtube. Win. If I had known that one of the main characters was Ian Somerhalder then that would have made my search a million times quicker. Sadly the show only lasted for eight episodes but regardless I thought it had gone on for ages. I f you're not particularly busy or just bored check it:

Young Americans.

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