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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I know everyone is in the whole OMG ITS FEBRUARY ALREADY WHERE DID THE YEAR GO! Mood, aand its true,  I honestly feel like I've blinked but that could just be because I only got back to uni on the 21st. Which was a week ago on Saturday.

I haven't blogged much primaily becuase I haven;t done anything of interest. I spent the month I had off from uni being a slob at home, sleeping in till one in the afternoon, watching movies till my siblings got back before proceeding to watch more television, my mother would come back and me and my sister would race to the kitchen to start dinner and make it look like we've been there all along. We would eat watch more television then I'd go up to my room and watch something/read till about 4am then sleep.

I could have literally copy and pasted that paragraph into ever day of my blogging absence. Fun right?

So Yeah I am back at uni and they have already kicked us in the teeth with the work load, give a homie a break right? I also got a first on one of my projects which I was obvs ecstatic about, danced around the library. Stopped and saved it till I got home where I continued in my room for a while.
Since then not a lot, spent the day with my other friends. I always go early with the intention of leaving early, so got there like 4pm and I didn't get back to mine till 5am. Yeah I know.

Erm what else. Oh yeah of course, so it's active week at the uni and so me and my friend have decided to try out a  clubs. Tennis and Gymnastics, Her the former and me the latter, but its all free this week so I went with her to Tennis today. For one its abso freezing and we played outside so when I get a cold in the next few days don't be surprised. I'm not a running around kinda gal, namely because I am plain lazy and not because I am a girl so don't get it twisted, but to day was fun. I don't think I have ever actually played tennis. I think it was obvious from what people saw today. BUT I DO HAVE A MEAN BACK SWING SO SUCK IT. Lying in bed and I feel all knitted up and achey and I feel a cold coming on.

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