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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Off I go to be a media student

Got filming to do for some experimental project, I'm all for experimenetal pieces but I joined these other two people and they already had an idea which I think is way to under developed and needs a lot more time to work on than we have. 5minute piece to do in 3 weeks. One week Planning, One week filming and One week editing. I missed yesterday but I heard it went terribly, now off I go to spend another day of my life in a cold apartment when I could be in my nice and warm one. Don't get me wrong I have said stuff and tried to get them to see it from another point of view but at the same time we are all artists and I can't just go and slate someone elses dream just because I don't see it like they do. Think I'm more pissed that I have to take the Tram to get to the guys house we're filming at. £3.70 for a tram all day cause it's £2.10 one way, and I'm going to have to go over there three times, it woulda been four but like I said I missed out yesterday...Darn, okay this is one of them procrastination posts, I should really get going, said I'd be there for 11 and its 10:39. 20 minute tram ride.... Yeah imma be a smidge late.

Blogger I have missed you.

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