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Friday, 3 February 2012

Random Events

Yesterday we did some filming and there was this awkward funny moment when me and the guy both had the same intention as to what we would be filming next and t he girl was saying something else so we had this mini argument over what was right and she actually got in a huff that she couldn't have her own way. I thought it was hilarious, it also kind of solidified my suspicion that she was an only child. Therefore she displays characteristics of Only Child Syndrome as I like to call it.
Anyways it was like really awkward in the room for ages as she stood in a corner on her phone and me and the guy did the scene by ourselves. I eventually managed to entice her to come back and help out through stroking her ego a bit, saying that she musta been so popular cause she was getting loads of texts and how I never get any  and getting her to talk about her weekend cause she's going some place or another. CATNIP. I thought it was all so internally hilarious.

I came back and just wanted to stay at home in my jogging bottoms and not leave the house again but then my friend called me in the shower and we were chatting for a bit and he said he was coming over. That was all well and good. But then he rings me later and says he's downstairs in the car waiting for me :/ I wanted to say no and if I had known he wanted to go out I wouldn't have even picked up the phone and just continued my shower in peace. I guess there was some misunderstanding and I couldn't have just been like eh-Na! so I shoved on some jeans and got into the car.

I honestly wonder why he wanted me to come with him, the little douche bag. We chilled at some random guys house watching him play Mortal Combat and showing each other stuff on Youtube and shared a few sandwiches. I don't know having a guys bonding session plus me? Then they started watching Harold and Kumar (The first one) and I announced that I was heading home then my friend was like "Oh I guess I have to leave to" Now that's not what I had in mind but erm okay whateves I get a ride home. Then he was like pleading for me to stay for at least 10mins. 40mins later I was like okay guys bye. And they were all like "BYE" I was pissed because I had had a long day and if my friend wasn't planning to leave with me then why say so before and just let me leave? This friend suffers from Youngest Sibling Syndrome.

So yeah I managed to get from the dude flat to my bedroom in 6mins I was that cold and desperate for sleep, I didn't even think I would be leaving the house in the first place, Id' had a long day as it was and all I wanted was some bed time. Might bitch at my friend next time I see him or just ignore a few calls. Who knows. Some times I feel like they treat me like their little pet, -Him and his flatmates/my friends- they call me to come over, they call me if they don't want to do something their selves and no one else is available, use me to get in the middle of their own problems and I usually don't care because I'm a Not Give A Fudge kinda gal, and I just run with it and I have a good time with them, but other times it's like. Why don't you come over to my place or text me just to see how I am or whatever.

Okay that's enough. Though I should have saved that last rant for another post cause it had the potential to go on for a lot longer than I allowed it too.


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