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Friday, 24 February 2012

Stephanie Plum..... Live Action

Do we really need to reiterate just how long I have been waiting for this movie.... WE DO? Well alrighty then, you're lucky I'm a blogging whore and did a little digging and found the first time I heard about the movie....

So yeah I went to see it today, first time I think I have ever been to see a movie on a Friday out of choice. I don't know what to tell you, it's my favourite book series on the big screen. Some things and people were way off in comparison to their book counterparts, the odd person was on point such as Connie, Lula I could deal with though he dressing was way to appropriate in the movie compared to the neon coloured spandex four sizes to small clothing she is more accustomed to in the book. One can't help comparing the two the whole way through. I have to admit that as the film went on I did get used to the actors chosen and the characters themselves. I can't work out if I would or wouldn't encourage others to go and see the movie if it wasn't for my bias opinions of the book itself. Who knows. It was still fun to see any way, though I know that when I read the books there's no danger of me imagining the characters that portrayed them.

I also brought my book along with me to see the movie for moral support.

I think having them turn Stephanie Plum into a movie was a lot different than Harry Potter and Twilight. I can't quite place why.

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