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Saturday, 18 February 2012


I am glad that these few weeks are done and over with.
I have been super busy with this experimental project we had to do, but the assessment was on Thursday and surprisingly we didn't get ass whipped by the tutors. Will wonders never cease?

Anyways I need to start another one but the guy I'm meant to be working with tells me he's quitting the course on the down low. I wasn't miffed at him because we hadn't even started, what I am annoyed about how ever is that because of this I might have to find another pair to join up with and that means that I won't be able to have any creative input, like last time. Which is fair in their defence cause I'd be joining something that they already have in mind but it'd annoy me cause this would be the second project in a row.

Okay enough about uni talk. Although I don't think I have anything else to talk about.....
Oh my cousins getting married today. I think this is my first blood relative to get married but its a kick in the nuts because she's having the wedding in Nigeria and I'm at uni so I couldn't go. My dads there though representing the family, but I remember when I was younger and this cousin was living with us and she would talk about it and say how we would all be bridesmaids and stuff. And even if that wouldn't be true going to her wedding has always been at the back at mind. February is such a weird time, though if we had half term then I would have been able to go. But we don't and I can't.

Hopefully going to a movie this week. Sounds like a weird thing to say cause going to a movie is such a casual thing but because of this project I haven't been able to go in about three weeks and I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

Also last night I was all cosied up in bed with a movie when my friend rang me. I didn't pick up, and like the annoying idiot he is he rang me again. I guess I haven't seen him in a little over a week as he went to Amsterdam as part of a uni trip with his course. ANYWAYS I pick up more out of annoyance than anything else, and he asks me why I didn't pick up the first time and I tell him that I knew he was going to try and hassle my life and I wanted to be left alone. We laughs and tells me he's outside. (He always does this and that's exactly why I didn't pick up) So I go to my balcony and there he is with on of his friends and he's telling he to get ready and come downstairs (I am currently in night-time Jen mode) So we're yelling at each other over the phone/ balcony and he's insisting and I'm di-sisting and I'm shouting stuff like "Go away I'm not going anywhere I'm not wearing a bra" I have to say it wasn't one of my most classy moments but its Friday night and no one cared. Just goes to show what kind of life I lead when I have no intention of going anywhere on a Friday night.

Okay that's all for the time being.

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  1. once the bras off its effort to put it back on



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