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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Funny Games by Michael Haneke

Is such a brilliant movie.
We're looking at Haneke as part of my Film Analysis module, we're analysing a movie called Hidden as a class and I chose to look at his film entitled 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance as part of the individual section. I picked it cause I knew that no one else would, for one it wasn't in the library and b) it's a German film with subtitles and thirdly it was one of his earlier works. A lot of other people choose Funny Games.... The US version not the German Original or White Ribbon. Film 4 happened to be showing two of his films but one of which I had missed a substantial amount so I just recorded Funny Games. It was the U.S version sadly and I thought about deleting it cause it wasn't the original but I told myself to stop being such a pretentious film buff and humbled myself by remembering I was in the middle of watching Eat Pray Love (Really good film by the way).

I don't want to go to much into the actual movie itself but it's basically about these to guys who torture this family in their home. And for all you queasy or easily scared peeps you never actually see any violence, it's all theatre of the mind malarkey. But it's just funny and really well written and directed and, it's just a piece of art. Also I learnt that it was a shot by shot remake of the original so it's not like I would have missed anything out if I had decided to wait till the German version was on. But yeah also if you like movies with no conclusion then give this a watch.
Plus the main characters Paul and Peter are just to cute, but that could possibly just be my inner sociopath talking as while I was awwing at them my friend was giving me funny looks.

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