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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'll Cry If I Want To.

So yesterday I turned 20.
I'm always really anxious when it comes to the day before and on my birthday, like I don't want to jinx anything. I have this paranoia that I will end up dying the day before or the day of so I'm always really careful and don't want to rock the boat. Sounds stupid I know but seriously if life wanted to screw you over or the fates wanted to cut your thread it's the best time.

Anyways as well as this me and my older sister are never big on birthday celebrations and also when people say "You did'n't tell me" I just think that it would be awkward if I did, Imagine if I walked into my lecture yesterday and announced "By the way everyone it's my birthday" who would actually care, or if I was starting a conversation with someone "Oh hey dude, hows the weather, by the way it's my birthday" how obnoxious would you sound. If someone outright asked me I wouldn't deny it though. Plus saying thank you is really awkward its like "Hey congratulations for being alive another year." "Oh gee thank you how sweet of you to acknowledge that!"
The main point is that it's just strangers or acquaintances that I'm iffy about, Friends are fine, I love the texts and messages from people I actually like and have known me for a while or I speak to on a regular basis :)

See this birthday post didn't end as cynical as it started, guess I'm maturing. Jokes.

Anyways yesterday was a brilliant day I did all the things that make me happy, after uni I had a nap, watched a few movies, watched a few episodes of my Gilmore Girls Boxset, had a good dinner and watched Casablanca. No fuss. I know a lot of people will think it weird that I didn't go out and get wasted and spent the majority of the day by myself, in bed or on the couch which is essentially just did what I do any other day. Each to their own.


  1. Hope your birthday went well. Being 20 I'm sure will be a fantastic age. STAY POSITIVE. Much love, Lauren.

  2. i get the same paranoia....i think there's something wrong with us lol

    and it is something to say thank you for
    you're alive!!



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