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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Project Over

Finally finished my latest project which was a documentary filmed in Liverpool and based on The Beatles. Actually I finished on Thursday, which was the day of my presentation. After which (considering I had spent 12 hours editing the day before plus doing additional work afterwards) I went home and slept for 6hours, it was a nice refreshing nap.
Friday I had a lecture and seminar where I got set a 2500word essay on Michael Haneke's Hidden. Fun doesn't even begin to describe.
Saturday I chilled the whole day at home, which is usually what I do on a Sunday but I had to be at some weird induction test interview thing from 9 till 2 on Sunday so that spoilt my lie around day just a tad. On the plus side I am now a Steward.... whatever that really means. Sadly I can't start work until after I get back from Easter so yeah.
Wow okay this post has been very vague, hmmmmm trying to think if I have anything in depth to complain or talk about.

Okay so for my documentary project, we were working in a group of 5, I managed to snag Directer straight away much to the annoyance of another chick. As the project went on and on me and a few others came to realise how unreliable and lazy she was. She was supposed to be editor but on the first day she text me at the time we were supposed to meet and told me she couldn't be there for another 3 hours. I had a go at her over text then spoke to her face to face and told her she needs to step up her game for fudge the fudge off..... In the nicest way possible ^_^
My words had no effect on her so me and two others in my group had to edit the entire thing and there was a major argument in the edit suit which I thought was jokes.... but people don't see things the way I do so I guess for her it was humiliating but IDGAF in my uni blog and during the presentation I hinted heavily on how little she did so here's to hoping she gets her just desserts :)

Me in my directorial d├ębut

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