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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sunny Days...

Sweepin' the clouds away 
On my way to where the air is sweet 

Can you tell me how to get, 
How to get to Sesame Street.

So the weather has been uncharacteristically kind which can only mean in a few days or less it's going to be a bitch. Surprisingly enough for me considering how angry the sun makes me I've been enjoying it. I know right. Monday I had uni then had a nice little wonder to this really nice amphitheatre section behind the station where you can see the whole of Sheffield. Tuesday I went to see a movie and went to the mall and made a cake all at a leisurely pace, me and my friend strolling to the Cinema and to the station to get the train to the mall. Wednesday I had a few errands to run around town which happily didn't take me too long cause the past two days had exhausted me rawly. Thursday (Today) I had uni then lounged on the green round the corner with a few friends, and now I'm at home. One more fun in the sun filled day to go then I'm off home for the holidays.
Which reminds me..... I need to pack.

Picture of the amphitheatre bit I was at on Monday

The cake I made on Tuesday, well it's not the same cake, this is the one I made the week before but I made the exact same cake and you probably didn't need to know any of that so yeah okay I'm going to stop blogging now.

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  1. that looks like such a cool place
    mmmm cake



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