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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Was all well and good, spent two weeks doing my favourite thing.... Nothing :)
Honestly I did nothing, promised the sibs that I would take them to see The Hunger Games, which I did in the first week, after that I pretty much didn't leave the house again except to see Sarah a few times and to pick up a few things from Tesco. I have three essays to write, and in the holidays I only managaed to vaguely start one. I blame all the hard work I put into the essay I had to do over Christmas. Left me drained and devoid of all motivation to do work over holidays again.


Anyways I'm back in Sheffield now and I have 3weeks and 2days until I finish. Who knew the year would go so quick. Already started putting together ideas for the final project which is a drama. After which I will upload all my work for the year on to YouTube I guess.

Funny, thought I would have more to say than that. Guess not.

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