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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Started Re-Watching My So-Called Life

I know I also recently started re-watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Cant remember if I ever mentioned it on here) but I decided to give it a little break and start obsessing over something new. Well old new. This was one of my favourite shows as a kid. Yes I now realise that I used to watch some very un-kid shows when I was younger but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy it.
Wikipedia says it's original run was from 1994-1995 but I'm guessing I watched it a few years after If I can still remember some parts so distinctively. Only watched two episodes so far but I'm loving it, plus this is where I first met Jared Leto who plays the object of Angela's affection as Jordan Catalano. I didn't even realise he was in this until I started getting into the band and my older sister was like  "He looks familiar" and did her internet magic and told me he was in this (Again this was a few years ago when we were young teens not to interested in the art of the internet yet.) 

Okay that's all, but I would recommend to everyone to have a little blast from the past and watch a show that they haven't seen in years and can only remember snippets of. For one it's comforting for some reason, b) you catch on to a lot of the jokes and references you may not have understood before and thirdly cause it shows you how great TV used to be (Not that I'm not loving TV now but, it's almost like the world of television was being run by two different people) Only down side about it is that you know you're coming closer to the end with each passing episode and that there will never be any more. This is probably why I watch loads of episodes at once then as soon as there's about five episodes left I'll just stop and  maybe watch one a week.

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  1. I've been meaning to watch My So Called Life because it looks like my kind of thing, looks a bit Freaks & Geeks-ish. Also for young Jared Leto !!!



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