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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hi My Name's Jen and I'm obsessed with Television.


Okay so I've always known I was a telly addict from a very young age and I ultimately blmae my parents for leaving me and my older sister to our own devices while they went of to work. And with nothing to do the only entertainment once running around in circles got tiresome was to collapse and spend the next 8hours watching TV waiting for our parents to get back.
Now I'm not necessarily complaining because I love television, there's so much to watch and so much to learn and gain understanding from. It actually does sound like I put the TV up on an alter and sacrifice snack to it everyday doesn't it? Oh well. So as I was saying, I love TV, and now with the inclination of the internet I can now happily watch any TV show I like at any time in the day from anywhere I please.

As you may have read I recently started re-watching a show called My So Called Life which I used to watch when I was younger but the only memory I had of said show was a character with red hair names Angela. I rewatched the series and fell in love with it all over again (Though thinking about it now I don't even know if I fully understood some of the issues the show talked about when I watched it at the age of 8ish. Who knows) Anyways it only lasted one season and the last episode was so inconclusive that it left a gaping hole in..... I don't know, it just annoyed me and I obviously wanted to watch more but that was impossible to say the least.

This caused me to go on a ranpage to find and watch anything and everything I hadn't seen before to help me take my mind off it. I had see hints of a website called Get Glue that was ultimately all about Television Shows amongst other things and delved straight into it and I found numerous new shows and old shows to divert my attention. It's a wonderful thing, it's like an addicts personal drug storage facility.
A few shows both old and new that I stumbled upon due to the site's recommendations based on what I said I liked and disliked include:

Don't Trust The B
Common Law
The Legend Of Korra
Dawsons Creek

Some of which it turns out is coming to UK television this summer whilst others were cancelled after a season or whatever. Others I had intended to watch eventually but never got round to it.

As per usual I have lost the point of the post and it has once again become the random psychobabble of a psycho.

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