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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I have a cold and I am suffering

Though we know how dramatic I am I do in fact have a cold and it is absolutely retarded because the weather is  hot you could boil an egg on the side walk. There is also no wind and I have barely left my apartment this week. So how this darn cold found its way into me is a mystery.
Also I am heading back to London tomorrow and I am going to collapse from exhaustion with the amount of stuff I've got to carry, plus the heat plus the stupid underground service and it's lack of lifts. Oy. I asked my parents to pick me up from Victoria but my dads got work that afternoon so that's a no go. He called me this morning to tell me off for not telling him/ consulting with him when I was booking my coach for. I let him because I know him well enough to know that while he is blaming him inability to pick me up from the station on me he is really projection his disappointment of not being able to be of assistance. Psychology 101.
Then he told me that it was nearly 11 and that I should get up and find something to eat. I just laughed and laughed at him down the phone before he hung up on me. Standard
In a way I guess it was good that he called so early cause I probably still would have been asleep till about 13:00 and I do actually have quite a bit to do today.
Still haven't found a place to live and still haven't been able to sell my furniture.

Might later on do a post about the DVD's I've watched this week
The list of random quotes I collect and write on my phone
The list of shows I am currently watching
My plans for the summer.

Okay so that list was more like a reminder to myself because I will undoubtedly forget.


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