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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I Should Re-Read Twilight.

I am not usually a big re-reader, I can count the books I have ever reread and so far the list comprises of The Harry Potter Series. One For The Money (The Fist in the Stephanie Plum Series) and The Tulip Touch by Anne Fine which is one of my favourite books for sentimental reasons, that being that it was the first book I ever willingly read in Year 6 that got me hooked on reading in general and well know what an avid reader I am and it's all thanks to that one book so yeah. Okay I'm going off tangent. Being the semi Hipster that I am (I'll explain later) I read twilight before it was popular. (The original cover and everything bitches) But once the hype started and those atrocious movies came out. The love I used to have for Edward Cullen fizzled and died as it got stopped by a crowed of pre-teen excessives. So yeah I was just thinking that maybe I should give that baby another chance and perhaps rekindle that dying flame. I might wait till that last stampede passes through once Breaking Dawn Part 2 has come out. Meh.

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