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Sunday, 20 May 2012

I've just come back from my very first concert

I kinda guess it counts. Granted it wasn't a band I was particularly interested in seeing, and that I was getting paid to be there.... but it did give a very good idea of the atmosphere that was to be expected when I go to a concert for real. Also looking at all the people that were there that were of all ages I guess there's kind of no rush. Except if you favourite artist decides to split up or whatever.
But yeah, but the thing is that aren't any artists that are currently touring that I would pay to see, I like a lot of music but it's a short list of those I would love to see live. Plus it doesn't help that the odd few split up years ago *Cough* N SYNC *End Cough*
But yeah fun times all round, though to be honest I am fed up with the amount of First Day Of Work I have had over my short stint in the working world. Trust me when I say it is far to many.

At first I was a bit meh when I found out what gig I was working because like I said I didn't have any particular interest in them. But then they started singing and I realised that I did actually know a good handful of songs. That and who doesn't love Irish guys..... especially when they start gyrating on stage?

Plus hey lucky me that I got a chance to watch their farewell tour.
Good job Boyzone Westlife :)

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  1. insult to class them as boyzone jen as boyzone are aweeesommmme

    i need to take you to a proper gig



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