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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Taking a break from cleaning my room

Well it's more like organising, cause my room is never particularly messy there just happens to be things all over the place and I haven't organised the place since I moved out almost two years ago. During the holidays I just tended to live out of my suitcase cause I could never be bothered to put things away as I didn't see the point. Also my sister comes home tomorrow and we share the room, and I figure it would be easier to pursuade her to put her schizz away of mine was also but away. Last summer was just chaos, but while I'm at home I never really spend that much time in my room cause it essentially doubles as a sauna in the summer.

I have become incredibly bored with Twitter recently, my sister says it's my hipster side, and I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, so I have been throwing all my time into Get Glue and Blogger and watching TV . I'm still ill, my father blames my resistance to take any medication, I say whatever, it's not like I'm dying, what's a little common cold going to do? I seem to be ill quite a lot, my mother goes on and on about how I don't eat even though I do and how I have a low immune system. I rationalised with; If I'm ill so often then the more medication I take because of it the sooner my system will reject it and it will stop working. Therefore I deem to only consider the option of medication in the winter.

Okay babbling over. Back to organising.

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  1. My room is being decluttered too. I like the thought of organised mess haha, that's my excuse! You're lucky that your parents haven't changed your room while you've been gone. My cousin came home from uni and found her room to be a games room/ guest room!!! The shock of here life..!
    I completely understand the whole sauna issue too! My room just heats up in the winter and then freezes in the winter. The Walls have a mind of their own.
    I got your message about gg... What did you think about the finale? I'm glad chair is back but I wanted something extravagant. Not a measly little gamble... Oh and the reasons I hate Humphrey; his hair is just all over the place. He needs to learn some grooming lessons from Chuck. And expect a gg centric post one of these days. I began writing and then there were just too many point of views I was trying to write about. So as it stands, it's a three parter... I'm looking forward to you reading it haha. And expect some smoking hot pictures of our favourite guy ever!!! Ps did you see THE SCARF in episode 15 (I think..) when C throws the party... I almost died. I want that scarf!!!! XOXO ;)



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