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Saturday, 26 January 2013

So clearly my last post was an absolute lie.

My bad.
But you know what they say; Lazy Is As Lazy Does.
Or something to that effect.
Okay so maybe if I make a list of stuff that I want to blog about it will help kick start the blogging thing.
Though in all fairness I lead a pretty mundane life, gone are the times of new and mischievous high-school antics and the days of the first steps into a new form of living. For the time being life is comfortable and samey but that will all be changing in a year or so, but until then....
I need to stop using my blog as a form of ventilation.
Though I do enjoy a good vent/rant.
but yes as I was saying
Lists list lists

Star Wars
Doctor Who
DVD stocking
Extra Curricular Curricular Activities.

So yeah lets see how this one flies.

Zoom zoom zoom.

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