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Friday, 22 February 2013


My Doctor Who post is still coming, it's hopefully going to be super long and I thought I'd wait till I was finished watching it before I got started. BBC are currently running Matt Smith season 2 so once that's done I'm all up to date.

What will I do with my life?
I have more or less just spent the week sending deservedly snotty yet professional emails to our former letting agency because it has been nearly 6months since we moved out and we still don't have our deposit back. I last week just sorted the issue with the council tax exemption mess and now the person I am emailing is obviously illiterate. Oyvey, I know I enjoy sending these emails but it honestly feels like I'm emailing a child.... who doesn't speak English.
I just want my money back :(

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Wake up this morning and open the front door and find a fudging blizzard going on. I literally stared at the thing for a good thirty seconds before I managed to close the door and go change my shoes from my lovely knee high converse to my lovely in a different way sky blue ankle wellies.

I get to uni at 10:10. Which isn't too bad considering that yes it started at 10am but there was that obvious unforseen set back called snow.
Anywhays when I get there this guy proceeds to tell me that class is cancelled. Cause the tutor apparently lives in Derbyishie (The Miserable Half) and can't get to Sheffield.

Shit hit the fan.

I sat an rested my little feet for five minutes then left. I think I'm pissed because I planned to see a movie at 14:30. So instead of having two hours to kill after my lesson I now have four an a half. I know if I go home I won't leave and I have been menaing to see this film since December 20th....Roughly.

So alas I am in the library. I'l probs do a few internetty things and then maybe find a movie from the DVD collection and plug that in, which will kill a good two hours at least.

Woah is me.

Friday, 1 February 2013

My Django Plans Keep Getting Cancelled

This is why I end up watching Movies alone.


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