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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Back to life, back to reality

The working life is over (for the time being) and it's back to uni and my final year (Thank the Lord). I already half moved into my place in the beginning of September and I brought another load of stuff down with me yesterday..... Deffo going to try and bring the car up with me after Christmas because I am so over this ferrying of large bulky objects malarkey.

Any whom, I still need to put stuff away and give the place a proper scrub down.... and buy some food. But alas it is Sunday and I'm not exactly in the most "Get up and go" moods so I think I'll first watch an episode or two of The Big Bang Theory before I make a battle plan of where I need to go and what I need to buy. Especially now that I'm back on my own I don't have a car to borrow or a friend to help me carry stuff. Sad Times.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fall Out Boy.... November 5th......Hmmmmm


So after many attempts

Most of which I cannot for the life of me understand what the technical issue was, I finally managed to get pictures off of my phone and on to my laptop, thanks to the software Bump. (Check it out)

Now I need to sift through them and add the necessary ones to my "To Print" folder for the year.

Okay so a few snaps from my work party

Okay so just two....
(I'm the one on the left and in the middle for those of you who are unaware)

I honestly need to remember to take at least one full length picture of my dress.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Trying to organise all my photos

I have more than I realised on my laptop.
Tons that need to be shifted from my phone to my laptop.
And then all of the above to print.
Aye aye aye.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Work party last night

White Girl Wasted does not even begin to describe me last night.
Cliff Notes:
Masquerade Party, didn't even wear my mask
We got 3 free drinks vouchers and 1 champagne (But my supervisor likes me and gave me 2)
Ended up stealing a bunch of unmanned enveloped and drank for free all night
My heel broke
Woke up at my friends house this morning at 8:00am
Work starts at 8:30
Rocked up at 09:45... didn't even call in cause mans be a rebel and shit
Don't even know how I survived the day considering I was still drunk
Started to sober up around 12:30
By sober up I mean that's when I started hanging.
Finally made it home after an intense day
Down side is my only pair of heels are dead cause one of the heels snapped
Lost my favourite red lipstick
People are uploading pics and I don't want to look
Always find next day pics incredibly cringing
Might check them on the weekend.

Pics and stuff eventually maybe.

Friday, 13 September 2013

One of my annoying habits

That needs somebody with a leather couch and a deep knowledge of Freud to get to the root of.

So there's this person. [This is just a current recollection of something I just do to people from time to time] and we were..... friends? I don't know. I guess it's not so important.

Anyways I made them have lunch with me and we sat there and it was awkwardly silent.
And after lunch I was like. Huh guess we're not as close as I thought we were.
Now there are two ways that our relationship could have gone from there.....
a) I could have tried to build up more of a solid friendship with them
b) I could be civil, and we would just drift in to being Hi and Bye friends,
of course then there's the Jen option
Jen Option) Completely ignore and avoid them, and only answer direct questions with short blunt answers making things incredibly awkward as they have no clue of the inner workings of your brain, eventually giving up all attempts at conversation and potential friendship.

Yeah, looking at it now in black and white I wouldn't have gone fro the Jen Option either. But alas, Jen I am and that is the option I chose.
Sadly now, in true Classic Jen form..... I want to be friends again. Only now they are cold shouldering me.


I need to put my charismatic personality, erratic nature and down right debonair weirdly intriguing self, into overdrive to win them back.

Why? Because, it's the Jen method of doing things and it's the only method I understand.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Tit for Tat

As you have all percieved from this blog, I don't exactly lead the most whirlwind lifestyle.
It's cool, I know, you don't have to try and disagree, I'm okay with that.

The only time this becomes a problem though is because people have a tendency to tell me things; Who they like, what they've done, who they've done, what they've done.

Now I'm all to happy to sit and listen, and I encourage where necessary and I am one for never revealing secrets, even if the person doesn't says the key words [Don't tell anyone],

But once they've divulged their inner most....innings[?] to you, there's that awkward silence where you need to tell them something in return.

Homie don't play that.

After once in year 8 where I tested this girl, by telling her I liked someone I didn't and having someone come and ask me it was true less than half an hour later, I knew I was right in never trusting people with anything. What can I say? I was one sophisticated 12/13 year old.

Anyways as I was saying, it's awkward, because even if I do like someone I will swear up down left right and centre that I'm not interested in anyone.... Wait that's not what I was saying..... Okay I got it; I don't have anything tell them so it becomes awkward. I have now started either slightly fabricating stories that could be seen as scandalous or divulging the most minor of details. I.e.: I think so and so is cute.

Mostly because I realise that in certain places all conversation focuses on secrets, gossip and love lives, and no matter how hard you try and veer away from it, you always come back full circle.

If you can't beat 'em, pretend to join 'em

Things to do things to do

I need to change my blog design.
Still need to do a Doctor Who Post.
Post pictures of my hair.

You guys are in for such a treat.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I have never

met someone who was so contradictingly self righteous, closed minded and oxymoronic in my life.

I can't seem to bring myself to unfollow this douchebag

His tweets always make me really angry because they are filled with such bullshit

It's all "Opinions" but his are so generalised and so wrong that I think they should be removed from this classification.

It does however mean that whenever I want a rant and rave if I'm feeling the need I can just start on one of his bullshit tweets.

Examples you ask for? As you wish....

 Who made you a praehcer?
 He is so fashion concious it's unbelievable
 Who? What? Stop generalising!
 No, what we learn in school we get tested on.
This one I went HAM on, literally had a whole argument over this. I of course came out on top cause he didn't have an answer to my eloquently put questions and statements and finally ended the convo with...

We used to argue all the time years ago, I would often start shit for jokes. But in all seriousness. What the hell.

I'm not crazy right (well in this case not in an everyday sense) this guy is just being a contradictory douche right. RIGHT?!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Contemplative Retrospective Post

There have been a few things that I have actually managed to achieve during the summer that was never even on my list, because lets face it. Trust me to completely wonder off target.

I have been keeping up with my Spanish learning (cause I did that one year long module at uni last year) this was made a lot easier by me find thins wonderful life saver of a free language app DuoLingo. Seriously everybody go download this bad boy. I've got it on my ipad, phone and I realised you can use it on your PC as well. Honestly, I hate promoting stuff cause it feels like cheese, but this app rocks.

Mama bought herself a set of wheels...

(If you are unsure, "mama" refers to me in the third person)
I had been toying with the idea for a while on and off. But eventually just jumped with both feet and got my little bad boy. His name is Jasper "Clunky" Francis. I mostly call him Clunky though, and that's his nickname because he makes random I think something in here is loose please fix me sounds that are just too adorable.

I went to Spain (Tossa de mar in Costa Brava) with Sarah, which was a pretty decent holiday... wow that sound negative doesn't it? Let me rephrase: It was pretty damn brilliant, just we had a few ups and downs with the weather and the area was quieter than expected but still I am definitely glad I went. It saddens me that it was so long ago though.

Also finally had a bbq after how many years of owning one and never actually getting around to setting it up and using it.

Okay those are the only ones that come to mind for the time being, but yeah I'd say I've managed to achieve a few thing despite the constant work I have been doing.

Speaking of which I of course shock horror have work in the morning, so it's beddy bye for me, but first probs a a cheeky sess of Duolingo ;)

Classic melodramatic me

Clearly wasn't looking hard enough.
You know when you say "If I was me where would I put/leave that...." and you usually find what your looking for?

Well not with me. I know myself so well that I know sometimes that I will find something I left somewhere years ago, but then know myself well enough to know that I will be waaaaaaay off in another case. Like where I would normally leave something, one day I just won't. I think past subconscious me must do it for shits and gigs and riddles to future/present me.

Okay rambling over. I found my "Summer List"
Actually don't know what's up with the air quotes but imma ride with it.

1. Go to the 02....Finally
To be perfectly honest... I still have no idea why I haven't gone yet.

2. Nandos with Louise

Took a pick of Louise taking a pic of her food for instagram

3. Burger and Lobster with Deborah and Louise

Well this is me but yeah we went

4. Francis Family Fun Day [Bowling, Ice Skating, Movies and Food]
One of the Francis four has gone back to Ukraine, but this can count as half done cause we did see a film and eat?
5. Steak with Chanelle
There's still time!
6. La Tasca with Sarah
I can make it happen
7. TGI Fridays with....
I've got this in the works
8. Yo Sushi
To be honest I'm not really in a sushi mood
9. Ride a Barclays Bike
Another one Im not sure why I havent done
10. Kite Flying
I don't have a kite yet!
11. Buy A Kite
Yeah I should really get on this...
12. Groupon thing.
Nothing I want desperately
13. Random Crazy Activity
What even really constitutes as crazy, and this is so open it could mean any given thing at any given time
14. The Theatre
Yeeeeah no
15. Concert?
I did try getting tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars but that just failed
16. Plan 2014 Peru
I went and spoke to Sta and got rough idea of price and best time to book etc so that all good in the hood
17. Knit a hat plus a scarf for Deborah.
I made a scarf but she didn't want it, Havent even bought the right needles for the hat making. 
18. Minimum of five books need to be read
I have read more but these are the most recent on my Goodreads

19. Write a screenplay or a novel
I did actually start writing a novel at work. Wish I had started it in May as opposed to late August!
20. Final Year Project Stuff :/
Lord give me strength
21. Buy my gifts.....
Which I have been putting off because I have been so busy saving every penny

Most of my list involves food, and I guess there's still time to achieve some of the stuff whilst other are just a complete lost cause.

Forgot how much I love writing and talking about myself

Well I guess this is typing and they do say writing shit down is a good way of self psychologism, so leggo.

Though lets face it during my last few years of sixth-form and a bit of my first year of uni I blogged like there was no tomorrow and I'm still pretty much a basket case.

continuing from my pretty damn justifiable statement of a last post

I've had months off to come up with a final project idea to direct and I so far have nothing. I am going to end up in a shitty little group with a role that I don't want and I have no-one to blame but myself and that's not fair! I love blaming other people.

But as my current mantra to myself goes; Nut up or shut up Jen.

I do have a vague unformed idea and there's still time to develop it, but the way my creative process works is odd, so whose to say my current idea for a scenario is just what it is and I need to fuse it with someone elses. Maybe that what's up?

Last year of uni round the bend.

Holy Mary mother of God.

An after thought of my previous work ramblings

Every year I have a summer list.
Without fail and without a doubt.
This year, same as always. I wrote my list, and then......

And then that was it. I have no clue where the fudge my list is, and the worst thing about it is that I didn't even realise it was gone until a few weeks ago.

That's some pretty drastic schnit.

I should have realised, but I of course fo the third year in a row have been so consumed with making money over the summer (but in my defence I live off the money I make in the summer during term time) that I didn't manage to fit in some me time, and anyone who's read previous post knows I love me some me time.

Its funny (Not funny ha ha) because this summer Ive actually worked less. I've been on 4 or 5 days a week some times and they even tried to put me on three days (I was having none of that) and I know 5 is standard but considering last year i was doing 13 days in a row and earning mega p's then it's quite a way to fall.

Note to self: Find that bloody summer list

I was never really a fan of the whole freshers week.

But I thought to myself: Hey kid, your going into your fourth year so maybe you should live it up a little like all the rest of the kitty kats out their.

I was all mentally prepared, I even text my "friend" to be like; Ready to party it up like a fresher... Only to find out that I will basically miss all two weeks of freshers because I will still, still be at work.

Its not that Im even pissed that I cant make it. The point is that work has interfered with everything since I bloody started in May, MAY. Oyvey. cannot wait for this summer to be over.

I think I think

That I am a character. Not sure where my character is, i.e. film or book or play or whatever but my character is always changing and therefore I mirror that and never like to stay either the same way or in the same place for any longer than necessary.

If i had the funds por ejemplo I would change my hair all the time. And my style. but I dont so I cant and have to rely on the little things when I can.

Hashtag Another nonsensical post


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