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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Classic melodramatic me

Clearly wasn't looking hard enough.
You know when you say "If I was me where would I put/leave that...." and you usually find what your looking for?

Well not with me. I know myself so well that I know sometimes that I will find something I left somewhere years ago, but then know myself well enough to know that I will be waaaaaaay off in another case. Like where I would normally leave something, one day I just won't. I think past subconscious me must do it for shits and gigs and riddles to future/present me.

Okay rambling over. I found my "Summer List"
Actually don't know what's up with the air quotes but imma ride with it.

1. Go to the 02....Finally
To be perfectly honest... I still have no idea why I haven't gone yet.

2. Nandos with Louise

Took a pick of Louise taking a pic of her food for instagram

3. Burger and Lobster with Deborah and Louise

Well this is me but yeah we went

4. Francis Family Fun Day [Bowling, Ice Skating, Movies and Food]
One of the Francis four has gone back to Ukraine, but this can count as half done cause we did see a film and eat?
5. Steak with Chanelle
There's still time!
6. La Tasca with Sarah
I can make it happen
7. TGI Fridays with....
I've got this in the works
8. Yo Sushi
To be honest I'm not really in a sushi mood
9. Ride a Barclays Bike
Another one Im not sure why I havent done
10. Kite Flying
I don't have a kite yet!
11. Buy A Kite
Yeah I should really get on this...
12. Groupon thing.
Nothing I want desperately
13. Random Crazy Activity
What even really constitutes as crazy, and this is so open it could mean any given thing at any given time
14. The Theatre
Yeeeeah no
15. Concert?
I did try getting tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars but that just failed
16. Plan 2014 Peru
I went and spoke to Sta and got rough idea of price and best time to book etc so that all good in the hood
17. Knit a hat plus a scarf for Deborah.
I made a scarf but she didn't want it, Havent even bought the right needles for the hat making. 
18. Minimum of five books need to be read
I have read more but these are the most recent on my Goodreads

19. Write a screenplay or a novel
I did actually start writing a novel at work. Wish I had started it in May as opposed to late August!
20. Final Year Project Stuff :/
Lord give me strength
21. Buy my gifts.....
Which I have been putting off because I have been so busy saving every penny

Most of my list involves food, and I guess there's still time to achieve some of the stuff whilst other are just a complete lost cause.

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