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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Contemplative Retrospective Post

There have been a few things that I have actually managed to achieve during the summer that was never even on my list, because lets face it. Trust me to completely wonder off target.

I have been keeping up with my Spanish learning (cause I did that one year long module at uni last year) this was made a lot easier by me find thins wonderful life saver of a free language app DuoLingo. Seriously everybody go download this bad boy. I've got it on my ipad, phone and I realised you can use it on your PC as well. Honestly, I hate promoting stuff cause it feels like cheese, but this app rocks.

Mama bought herself a set of wheels...

(If you are unsure, "mama" refers to me in the third person)
I had been toying with the idea for a while on and off. But eventually just jumped with both feet and got my little bad boy. His name is Jasper "Clunky" Francis. I mostly call him Clunky though, and that's his nickname because he makes random I think something in here is loose please fix me sounds that are just too adorable.

I went to Spain (Tossa de mar in Costa Brava) with Sarah, which was a pretty decent holiday... wow that sound negative doesn't it? Let me rephrase: It was pretty damn brilliant, just we had a few ups and downs with the weather and the area was quieter than expected but still I am definitely glad I went. It saddens me that it was so long ago though.

Also finally had a bbq after how many years of owning one and never actually getting around to setting it up and using it.

Okay those are the only ones that come to mind for the time being, but yeah I'd say I've managed to achieve a few thing despite the constant work I have been doing.

Speaking of which I of course shock horror have work in the morning, so it's beddy bye for me, but first probs a a cheeky sess of Duolingo ;)

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