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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Work party last night

White Girl Wasted does not even begin to describe me last night.
Cliff Notes:
Masquerade Party, didn't even wear my mask
We got 3 free drinks vouchers and 1 champagne (But my supervisor likes me and gave me 2)
Ended up stealing a bunch of unmanned enveloped and drank for free all night
My heel broke
Woke up at my friends house this morning at 8:00am
Work starts at 8:30
Rocked up at 09:45... didn't even call in cause mans be a rebel and shit
Don't even know how I survived the day considering I was still drunk
Started to sober up around 12:30
By sober up I mean that's when I started hanging.
Finally made it home after an intense day
Down side is my only pair of heels are dead cause one of the heels snapped
Lost my favourite red lipstick
People are uploading pics and I don't want to look
Always find next day pics incredibly cringing
Might check them on the weekend.

Pics and stuff eventually maybe.

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