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Thursday, 31 October 2013

So I never really talk about clothes

Mainly because I'm quite blasé about them but every now and then there is an item that sparks interest and research, and in this case it was a Jumpsuit Emily was wearing on Revenge...

Both incredibly crappy pictures, but she looked good and Jumpsuits are never really something I paid any attention to even when they reserfaced a while back.

When I was researching this I cam across thus website called: Worn on TV which basically has all the best outfits from popular TV shows and where you can find the exact ones or ones that are close.
Pretty damn cool, especially looking up the Gossip Girl ones which were just amazing most of the time.

Turns out this particular number is a Michael Kors Strapless Jumpsuit which can by purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue for a mere $1995....
Yeah I think I'll elect to find a much cheaper alternative, unless any of you are feeling particularly generous this coming Christmas.

To help me focus I have decided to go over the top with creativity

It's funny because this isn't even going to be marked. It's just going to help me organise my thoughts and motivate me to actually do some work. Don't ask me why this works, but even though it probably adds about 12% to the amount of work you have to do it makes it a lot more bearable. It's what I do when I don't have the mental capacity to make myself do some work, and don't kid yourself if you're thinking this isn't fun.
Now of course I am absolutely exhausted having done so much work so now I'll play a few games of Free Cell...

I've picked the worst year to become fully unmotivated.

In my defence this is my fourth year so I'm a little exhausted. But really there's no excuse I need to do some work.
Actually I'm making myself seem worse off than I actually am.
I'm going pretty strong in two out of 3 of my module, it's just this one that I have no energy for, and the ironic thing is that it's the module that is supposed to be preparing me for life in the industry after uni or whatever.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

All I'm Saying

Is that 10 needs to know that he's not running this biz come November 23rd. It's still all about 11 and 10 should be happy that 11 has ALLOWED him to come along for the ride.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Also I got my hair done.

It's the same full fringe style but I was bored of having it thick so this ones a lot thinner.
I don't think people understand the amount of effort that goes into getting your hair done, it's more than just going in to see someone and telling them what style you want, there's a whole complicated process.
Anyway it's thinner, and of course on the first day of a new hair style I don't like it. I'm used to having my hair really thick so to go from that to basically skull is a bit unnerving. I love the length though. We'll see how I feel by the end of the week.

Academic Blogging Is The Bane Of My Life

I've got to start.... well technically should have started my academic blog for this year, and that means I'll spend less time on my personal blog. It's quite saddening because I have been enjoying our re-established relationship.

Hopefully I can be committed to keep up both, though that hasn't been the case for the past two years, but one never knows I guess.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

One Liners: Story Of My Life.

I Had Something To Say But I Can't Remember.

I am going to have to start channelling past me

What has happened to the eloquent misspelling  butterfly that was me?
I was just going through a few old posts again today..... I am not going to lie I was half looking for something and half taking a trip down vanity lane.

Re reading my posts I just cannot get over how well written I was, yes I made more spelling mistakes than bees make honey, but spelling has never been my forte and those were of course the without the zigzag red stopping us from sounding like insatiable idiots.

Of course one again I have lost focus of my post, something that hasn't changed over the years of my blogging. The point was that I need to start writing like I used to. Funny, witty, zany with a dash of arrogance.

Plus I think I went through a phase where every post was just me complaining. Which is fun because I do so love to complain but after a while that shit gets old. I need events to turn into stories, moments to make into anecdotes and people to places to set the backdrop.... Man that was pretty good. I guess I do still have it ;)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Indriects and what nots

Why is it that if you complain about someone on social media it's called being indirect?

I mean I get it, but at the same time social media now eliminates online venting just because you follow the person you're complaining about or their friends or whatever. I know it makes sense in some cause because people are just being bait to get noticed. I'm confrontational but I don't need to confront everything nor do I want everything I do to be questioned. Let's just say I'm glad I have blogger and tumblr to make comments as indirectly as I like without fear of annoyance from people.

This thought came to mind because I wanted to tweet: Stop peacocking I see you, but I still don't care.
(Or something along those lines and probably a little less rude... probably)
because the person I unfollowed has suddenly been retweeting and favouriting and replying to my tweets as soon as I hit that unfollow button. It's not like I've been caught doing something naughty and I need to cover my tracks, I know I unfollowed you and I will follow you again when I am good an ready if at all.
Hashtag Get Off My Junk

Thursday, 24 October 2013

I can happily.... and use the term happily lightly.... workout or whatever but I refuse to change my diet. I actually do like veg and salad stuff, I'm too lazy for fruit however, but yeah I dunno, just something I've realised as Im doing the Insanity programme.
If I cut down or stop it has to be because I have chosen to, and in fact I did choose to a few months back so I still eat all my junk for just not as overboard as I used to be, it's amazing how much money I've saved.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Imaginary Friends

I always refer to my friends as "My friend" I never mention names, I don't know why but that's not the point. So My friends and I chill a lot, eating watching movies at home or whatever, and occasionally I join them on nights out, but none of these activities require photos being taken. I don't know if it's because they're guys or because I don't like the whole act of "Taking photos" as I find it incredibly cringing for God knows whatever reason. So yeah, you know how people are like.... Doing this with so and so on instagram, or on facebook or on twitter. Well I'm not really a Facebook fan and they barely use theirs, they don't have Twitter, and that's where I spend most of my time and I don't think they have instagram.

My point is that it basically looks like these friends of mine just don't exist and that made me laugh. There might be one picture of me and my friend taken like 3 years ago in my first year of uni, but that's it.

I should probably try and swallow my cringe feeling and get some snaps of them.... Not for proof, but for my photo album...and probably the odd insta pic :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I enjoy reading my old blog posts.

It's not that hard to pick something at random form em because I have more than 1200 posts and I don't do it very often.
It's fun and informative and a little bit nostalgic and highly recommended.

Monday, 21 October 2013

My friend introduces me in the best way.

I never noticed until this weekend at the house party, but I was chatting to some random guy and then my friend interrupted and was like...

"Oh yeah this is Jen..." [The guy already knew this as we had been chatting for a good few minutes by then but whatever] "...You will love her, she's fucking amazing, like she's the best, she just so ahhhhhhhh!"
Then I was there like "I'm not even gonna dispute that, everything he said is the damn truth. I am fucking amazing!"
Then my friend was like to me
"Jen this is Josh....."
Then after a five second silence whereby Josh thought my friend was going to elaborate and didn't we all just started laughing.

Any ways yeah I notice that my friend introduces me a lot like that and it's really nice....and accurate (let's face it) I'm telling him thank you on here because if I told him in real life he would probably stop, and we can't risk that now can we kiddies?

My Weekend

Did a cheeky bit of student Ambassadoring on Saturday from 9-3
Course facility tour and answering questions about the course and what it entails, moulding young minds.... you know, the usje ;)

Then I went home and may have fallen asleep for a little bit, before then getting up and doing my Insanity work out (Hells yeah I'm still going strong bitches), jumped in the shower, then had some dinner while I vegged out to Atlantis on BBC One.

Then I eventually after much procrastination got ready for my friends house party.
There's something about Sheffield that I find it perfectly safe walking 20 minutes at 11:30pm.

The place was jam packed with people.
It was like a druggie party, everyone was on something. Saw people coming out of the toilets rubbing their noses, people passing pills, others passed out cause they couldn't handle their LSD, the regular weed smoking and a cheeky bit of laughing gas inhalation.

It was kinda house and trance music so you had to be in the right chill mode for it, I was a good amount of drunk and high on life to enjoy myself but to be honest 84% of the night was spent in my friends room with about 6-10 of us cramped into this small space away from all the hubbub just cracking jokes which was really nice.

Got bored and walked home at like 3:00am....again with the feeling of safety.... I dunno.

Sunday I spontaneously went to my friends basketball game, and I had such a laugh. No one else was laughing but me but I just found it hilarious how they would get so angry and when they missed piss easy shots. I also boo'd my friend a lot...he gave me the finger a lot in return.

OOOOH! And I also saw a guy break his arm and the bone come through. That was not funny. That was :O and the game went on hold for ages, it was jokes..... but not like jokes ha ha.

Yup that's all for now folks.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Unfollow.

I have finally reached the end of my tether. Good riddance.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Can't get into my book

Probably because I saw the movie first and I have a tendency to judge a book by it's movie and that thing I talked about early how your subconscious envisions the actors so you can't create your own characters. It's just to much effort for my brain to try and manipulate.

I think I need to just consider a few things.

1. Why am I reading this book?
2. How much do I actually care about reading this book?
3. Will it make a difference if I read it in a few years time (If I'm still into it)?

I don't normally like stopping books part ways and only do so in extenuating circumstances. If I am considering, I normally see how I feel after 100 pages, and I think I'm only up to 33 so there is still hope. Perhaps I should try and relax my mind and allow it to see actors instead of trying to create. Though my mind is a very stubborn person so I wish myself luck.

I never know if the term is actually "Ironically" but use it regularly because it just feels right.

That being said
Ironically I don't even like super long hair. I've always got some 14-16inch madness on my head when I really just want 10-12, but there just never happens to be any in stock when I go to buy some.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The ball is rolling

With final year stuff, which is good because for the past few weeks I've been feeling like I should be doing stuff but I actually had no stuff to do.

Schedules have been handed out and deadlines are already fast approaching and I love it.

I love milestones, deadlines and schedules, it makes everything move so much faster
por exjemplo for this mini project we have to do this semester
There's 3 weeks for pre-production, including this week
2 weeks to shoot
2 weeks for a final picture edit
2 weeks for sound edit
Then the week after it's screening time.

So 10 weeks till Christmas has been broken down into handy little segments, and it's funny because everyone's freaking out and I'm debating what deserts to bake for Christmas XD

I love being a stress free person.
Yes I am gloating that I don't stress out.
Well okay I stress a bit, but it will be for an hour every 8-10 weeks, and I had a stress sess about 2 weeks ago so for the time being, I'm all good.

I just need to work on focusing, which has never been one of my strong point...

Monday, 14 October 2013

Forgot to post this like a month ago

My Fall TV Line Up

I used to be very pro Watching TV UK time, even though at time we got shows 6months after it aired in the US. When I got to uni however I realised it made no difference as I didn't have SKY, all I had was my laptop and it seemed rather silly to wait till stuff aired on this side of the pond.
I can't remember what exactly we were studying in ALevel Media Studies to do with how even though we have other platforms of viewing such as BBC iPlayer, people still want to watch things live as it gives a sense of community. Well considering all I watched was US TV and I spent more time on Tumblr than Facebook US time became my community, and..... wow okay I didn't intend to give you my life history, I'm just going to cut to the chase and post what I was meant to like six lines ago....

[These are the days they're available online as they actually air the day before in the US]


2 Broke Girls
How I Met Your Mother
Adventure Time With Finn and Jake (Currently catching up to the new episodes)

New Girl
The Mindy Project
The Originals

The Tomorrow People

The Vampire Diaries
Greys Anatomy
Glee (Which I haven't started yet, I like to save it up and mass watch)
White Collar (Which is starting this week)

Atlantis (My only UK watch)
The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (Which should be part of Friday, but I had a lot going on already)
Reign (Starts this week)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Doesn't start till November)

You know what they say: Who needs friends when you've got television?
Actually. Nobody says that.

I can't read fast enough

The amount of books that I have in the back if my mind too read, on my Goodreads "To Be Read" shelf, scribbled in school books and in the vast jungle of lists on my phone is absurd. But it didn't matter as I thought I had forever to read them. Now everything I touch is being turned into a movie and I have this thing about not being able to read a book once the movie has come out or if I see the movie. I normally have to wait up to a year before I can bring myself to read the novelization. This is for a number of reason.

It's just in personality that I cannot read what everyone else is reading. No that's wrong. I can read what everyone else is reading, just so long as there isn't an overzealous fanbase, or mass media attention attached to it.

An equal reason is that once I know which actor/actress will be playing the characters in the movie adaptation, once I start the novel myself I then imagine their faces, and that really pisses me off because I prefer to make up the characters myself in my head.

The second reason is why you have half the fans (Ones that have read the book before a whiff of a movie deal) being angry at the actors they have picked, and the other half (Ones that read the book once actors have been put in place) that think they're perfect, as subconsciously they are using their features when building their imaginary scope.

It's funny because this is in some ways what my dissertation is being based on; The surge in book to movie adaptations and the loss of originality in Hollywood. Well something along those lines anyways.

I'm Out.

Finished Sherlock Last Night

I've been meaning to watch it for ages and one day a few months back I thought I'd give it a go. I got up the link and pressed play..... Then saw it was an hour and a half long then clicked off of it and went to bed thinking Ain't nobody got time for that.

Well over this week I did have time for it and I don't really know what to say.
Being part of the Tumblr community I know what a huge deal it was, and I was disappointed with the first episode as I guessed a number of things before it was revealed. I know I have a knack for these things but it still annoyed me.
Sherlock reminds me of a mix between Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Matt Smiths Eleventh Doctor... and someone else that I can't quite place.

There was one really good episode that I applauded afterwards but yeah I dunno. I wouldn't pledge myself to the Sherlock fandom or whatever and it was definitely a good watch but.... Meh.

I do watch a lot of TV so maybe I've seen it all before?

Anywho I will definitely be catching season 3 when it airs in 2013.

Adventure Time, Come On Grab Your Friends...

This is a bloody amazing show and it's just so zany and wacky and bright and I love it.

I am incredibly disappointed

Not just in myself but in the system as well

So I've never been to a concert before (We technically don't count the Westlife one because I was working) a couple of reasons for this incurring is that
1) My parents are crazy control freaks and I couldn't be bothered to get in to it with them
2) I only really believe in seeing bands where I like the majority of their songs//albums

The main reason is numero dos as when it comes to me and music my taste is very eclectic, which is good, but that for me means that I'm not really into albums which is bad. I'll like a song or two from various artist but does that really make me a fan of them? I dunno, but that's not the point pay attention!

The only bands where I can say that I've listened and loved their album/s include Fall Out Boy, 30 seconds To Mars and McFly (Possibly Good Charlotte)

The trouble with Fall Out Boy is that they went on a four year hiatus and I don't know anyone else who likes them like I do. My sisters said she would go with me if I couldn't find anyone which was pretty... and surprisingly nice of them. 30 Seconds To Mars had this whole massive 2 year non stop world tour and then went on a touring break for a year. The other problem with these two bands is that they're also US bands so their time spent over here is fast spent.

I'm bored of this post now.
Trying to do some work but I have zero motivation so excuse me while I bombard you with an onslaught of posts.

Monday, 7 October 2013

I'm a bit of a flake

Didn't want to mention that I was thinking about doing the Insanity work out programme....although I can't remember if I did anyway.....
But yeah I didn't want to mention it because I basically get ideas then flake out of doing them.

But I did Day 1 of 60 of the Insanity work out.
It was gruelling and I spent half the time lying on the floor in a pool of my own sweat and the other half shouting insults at the trainer.

You know what they say.... getting through the first day is always the hardest.

I might just put a quick weekly update to say how far I've come.... that or the next post will be about how I've stopped because I'm so flaky

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hi.... My Name's Jen and...

I love watching full face make-up videos on Youtube
But seriously. I do enjoy it.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Side Note

People need to stop telling me how much I'm going to miss uni when I've finished and how I wish I was back there.


You don't know me and why would I say something that I don't mean?

When people say that they just mean the going out and getting wasted and student loans part of it.

I am looking forward to getting this long and unnecessarily drawn out education chapter of my life done and over with.

No one is stopping you from doing that other stuff afterwards, and do you know what they call Student Loan in the real world? WAGES.

If anyone does actually catch me saying those words it's only because I miss living on my own and away from my crazy house.

It's forth year bitches

So I'm starting..... or I guess I have technically started my forth year at university. And for those of you who don't know it's not because I did a placement year or anything, I did a foundation year first then did the normal three year degree. Bit of a mouthful to explain to people I just meet.

Anyways so I have a tendency to panic [very calmly and in a way that no one would notice] at the start of each new year mainly because I've never been very good at processing information and they bombard you with it. Module guides, assessment dates, tutorial dates, half way points, key facts, things that you don't need to think about but need to have in the back of your mind. On and on and on and on and it puts me straight into ostrich mode [Head in the sand]. In this mode I tend to not do anything for a week or so, allowing the odd pieces of paper etc. to build up and slowly subconscious allow the information to seep in.

To be honest even after this grace period I still have no idea what's going on and how the modules work etc and I don't even think all that information is even that important. Now I know some.... if not all of you will call me stupid and naive but hear me out. I am a good student, I turn up to all lessons and hand in all work on time, book tutorials even if I don't have anything major to show and communicate with my lectures. All of this I do without really knowing the mechanics of what counts towards what and what the weighting is. It doesn't matter because I do everything to the nest of my ability. It's worked for me over the past [16?] years of education and I maintain an above average grade point.

The freaking out thing I cannot help even though I know the way I operate and that all the specifics aren't necessarily forefront knowledge.

I've lost focus and I am just saying words so I'm just going to end this post with me saying that I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling with my final year and stuff, and even though I'm counting down the days until I have finished [223 days 22 hours 30 minutes and descending seconds] that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Photo Album Part 4

So as we all know I have been gathering pictures to print for this year and during which I found a bunch of really old pictures of me that I thought I would share, so sit back relax and enjoy the humorous life that is Jen Francis

To be honest I don't think I've changed that much, except for my range of glasses frames to my final acceptance of contact lenses, and I think I'm probably still the same exact person personality wise/ Maybe just a stronger version of the person I was, which makes sense to me but shouldn't to you.

Okay that's all for the photo albums guys. Now don't say I never make good on my promises, although this has been a good form of procrastination from the inevitable job search I should be attending to.

Photo Album Part 3

[My New Room]
Soooo I'm back in......

....Which is where I go to uni if any of you were unawear, and I am in my forth and final yeah thank God.
I went from living in student accommodation for 4, to a luxury f;at for 3, to a quaint and quirky house for 2 to my little cosy bedsit for 1.

Don't know if that makes any sense to you, but yeah that it. My home for the next how ever many months. I like it it's cute. It's the smallest flat in the house but I can't really complain because the guy allowed me to have a 10 month contract instead of 12 like everyone else. Plus I don't really have a lot of stuff or people coming over so it's not like I need the space. I have to share a bathroom but it's not so bad so far so whatever and cause I have my own kitchenette I don't have to worry about bumping into anyone and having awkward conversations. There is a guy on my course who is living in the flat opposite so that's cool, and maybe I will go knock on a random persons door and ask to borrow a cup of sugar or something? But let's face it, probably not.

Photo Album Part 2

[Work Friends]
So I don't really have a lot because I find it really cringing asking people to gather around for a photo but here are a couple of snaps from work in general this summer...
Odd and Lovely Pri and my kindred spirit Fatos

Me and my badass bitches Chelsea and Becki

Crazy and funny as hell Sophia (Middle)

Shout out to the other friends who I have no photographic evidence of their existence; Suhanya, Raj and Will

Photo Album Part 1

So I basically owe you imaginary people out there reading my blog a shed load of pictures.... Can imaginary people read? Well I guess yes they can if you imagine that it's within their capability, and I do. I will not play host to a realm of illiterate imaginary folk.

[My Hair] 
1. 2.3.

1. Basically I get bored and do random stuff to it. Last year (End of Sept 2012)I was fed up with the fact that it never grows and Just cut it all off.... well not al off but considering it used to be just about shoulder length (If I pulled it) and then it went to just about brushing my ears. I was kinda going for a Megan Good look.

Yeah..... It didn't quite work out that way, but it was a helluva lot of fun having short hair (Short herr don't curr) it was so much cheaper to maintain as I didn't have to do anything to it, but it still surprisingly took longer than expected to style in the morning.

2. I also try and keep my hair in one style for the duration of me being in one place, if that makes any sense. So my hair was short all of my third year of uni, then when I started work I wanted it to be in braids, but because I knew I was going on holiday and would be getting my hair wet I wanted to wait till I got back. I also started work early this year so that meant everyone was oooing and aaaahing at my short hair then when I changed it to braid before everyone else started they were all oooing and aaaahing and asking questions and stuff which really annoys me at times. But yeah. Braids. Which I love and which love me. They are great in helping to make my hair grow, and I managed to keep it like this for like three months (I got it done twice but it was exactly the same so barely anyone noticed which is good) I love having purple in my hair as well. It's so subtle, yet it can just catch the light and suddenly everyone's like.... Dude, your hairs purple.

3. I have always always always wanted bangs, and so finally I bit the bullet after putting it off for so long, downside is that I had to get it done while I was still at work so that brought on the oohing and ahhhing. At first, as what tends to happen whenever I just get my hair done, I hated it. By the end of the week I was loving it. I think it just felt weird to go from no hair to hair everywhere and no forehead, my sister and mum didn't like it at first either, and I was freaking out to my friend about it and she is such a brutally honest bitch like myself that when she said she liked it that really helped. Also it's fun because this hair looks really good in hats.

(Cheeky snap I sent to my mum)


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