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Friday, 18 October 2013

Can't get into my book

Probably because I saw the movie first and I have a tendency to judge a book by it's movie and that thing I talked about early how your subconscious envisions the actors so you can't create your own characters. It's just to much effort for my brain to try and manipulate.

I think I need to just consider a few things.

1. Why am I reading this book?
2. How much do I actually care about reading this book?
3. Will it make a difference if I read it in a few years time (If I'm still into it)?

I don't normally like stopping books part ways and only do so in extenuating circumstances. If I am considering, I normally see how I feel after 100 pages, and I think I'm only up to 33 so there is still hope. Perhaps I should try and relax my mind and allow it to see actors instead of trying to create. Though my mind is a very stubborn person so I wish myself luck.

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