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Sunday, 27 October 2013

I am going to have to start channelling past me

What has happened to the eloquent misspelling  butterfly that was me?
I was just going through a few old posts again today..... I am not going to lie I was half looking for something and half taking a trip down vanity lane.

Re reading my posts I just cannot get over how well written I was, yes I made more spelling mistakes than bees make honey, but spelling has never been my forte and those were of course the without the zigzag red stopping us from sounding like insatiable idiots.

Of course one again I have lost focus of my post, something that hasn't changed over the years of my blogging. The point was that I need to start writing like I used to. Funny, witty, zany with a dash of arrogance.

Plus I think I went through a phase where every post was just me complaining. Which is fun because I do so love to complain but after a while that shit gets old. I need events to turn into stories, moments to make into anecdotes and people to places to set the backdrop.... Man that was pretty good. I guess I do still have it ;)

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