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Monday, 14 October 2013

I am incredibly disappointed

Not just in myself but in the system as well

So I've never been to a concert before (We technically don't count the Westlife one because I was working) a couple of reasons for this incurring is that
1) My parents are crazy control freaks and I couldn't be bothered to get in to it with them
2) I only really believe in seeing bands where I like the majority of their songs//albums

The main reason is numero dos as when it comes to me and music my taste is very eclectic, which is good, but that for me means that I'm not really into albums which is bad. I'll like a song or two from various artist but does that really make me a fan of them? I dunno, but that's not the point pay attention!

The only bands where I can say that I've listened and loved their album/s include Fall Out Boy, 30 seconds To Mars and McFly (Possibly Good Charlotte)

The trouble with Fall Out Boy is that they went on a four year hiatus and I don't know anyone else who likes them like I do. My sisters said she would go with me if I couldn't find anyone which was pretty... and surprisingly nice of them. 30 Seconds To Mars had this whole massive 2 year non stop world tour and then went on a touring break for a year. The other problem with these two bands is that they're also US bands so their time spent over here is fast spent.

I'm bored of this post now.

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