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Monday, 14 October 2013

I can't read fast enough

The amount of books that I have in the back if my mind too read, on my Goodreads "To Be Read" shelf, scribbled in school books and in the vast jungle of lists on my phone is absurd. But it didn't matter as I thought I had forever to read them. Now everything I touch is being turned into a movie and I have this thing about not being able to read a book once the movie has come out or if I see the movie. I normally have to wait up to a year before I can bring myself to read the novelization. This is for a number of reason.

It's just in personality that I cannot read what everyone else is reading. No that's wrong. I can read what everyone else is reading, just so long as there isn't an overzealous fanbase, or mass media attention attached to it.

An equal reason is that once I know which actor/actress will be playing the characters in the movie adaptation, once I start the novel myself I then imagine their faces, and that really pisses me off because I prefer to make up the characters myself in my head.

The second reason is why you have half the fans (Ones that have read the book before a whiff of a movie deal) being angry at the actors they have picked, and the other half (Ones that read the book once actors have been put in place) that think they're perfect, as subconsciously they are using their features when building their imaginary scope.

It's funny because this is in some ways what my dissertation is being based on; The surge in book to movie adaptations and the loss of originality in Hollywood. Well something along those lines anyways.

I'm Out.

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