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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Indriects and what nots

Why is it that if you complain about someone on social media it's called being indirect?

I mean I get it, but at the same time social media now eliminates online venting just because you follow the person you're complaining about or their friends or whatever. I know it makes sense in some cause because people are just being bait to get noticed. I'm confrontational but I don't need to confront everything nor do I want everything I do to be questioned. Let's just say I'm glad I have blogger and tumblr to make comments as indirectly as I like without fear of annoyance from people.

This thought came to mind because I wanted to tweet: Stop peacocking I see you, but I still don't care.
(Or something along those lines and probably a little less rude... probably)
because the person I unfollowed has suddenly been retweeting and favouriting and replying to my tweets as soon as I hit that unfollow button. It's not like I've been caught doing something naughty and I need to cover my tracks, I know I unfollowed you and I will follow you again when I am good an ready if at all.
Hashtag Get Off My Junk

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