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Monday, 21 October 2013

My friend introduces me in the best way.

I never noticed until this weekend at the house party, but I was chatting to some random guy and then my friend interrupted and was like...

"Oh yeah this is Jen..." [The guy already knew this as we had been chatting for a good few minutes by then but whatever] "...You will love her, she's fucking amazing, like she's the best, she just so ahhhhhhhh!"
Then I was there like "I'm not even gonna dispute that, everything he said is the damn truth. I am fucking amazing!"
Then my friend was like to me
"Jen this is Josh....."
Then after a five second silence whereby Josh thought my friend was going to elaborate and didn't we all just started laughing.

Any ways yeah I notice that my friend introduces me a lot like that and it's really nice....and accurate (let's face it) I'm telling him thank you on here because if I told him in real life he would probably stop, and we can't risk that now can we kiddies?

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