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Monday, 21 October 2013

My Weekend

Did a cheeky bit of student Ambassadoring on Saturday from 9-3
Course facility tour and answering questions about the course and what it entails, moulding young minds.... you know, the usje ;)

Then I went home and may have fallen asleep for a little bit, before then getting up and doing my Insanity work out (Hells yeah I'm still going strong bitches), jumped in the shower, then had some dinner while I vegged out to Atlantis on BBC One.

Then I eventually after much procrastination got ready for my friends house party.
There's something about Sheffield that I find it perfectly safe walking 20 minutes at 11:30pm.

The place was jam packed with people.
It was like a druggie party, everyone was on something. Saw people coming out of the toilets rubbing their noses, people passing pills, others passed out cause they couldn't handle their LSD, the regular weed smoking and a cheeky bit of laughing gas inhalation.

It was kinda house and trance music so you had to be in the right chill mode for it, I was a good amount of drunk and high on life to enjoy myself but to be honest 84% of the night was spent in my friends room with about 6-10 of us cramped into this small space away from all the hubbub just cracking jokes which was really nice.

Got bored and walked home at like 3:00am....again with the feeling of safety.... I dunno.

Sunday I spontaneously went to my friends basketball game, and I had such a laugh. No one else was laughing but me but I just found it hilarious how they would get so angry and when they missed piss easy shots. I also boo'd my friend a lot...he gave me the finger a lot in return.

OOOOH! And I also saw a guy break his arm and the bone come through. That was not funny. That was :O and the game went on hold for ages, it was jokes..... but not like jokes ha ha.

Yup that's all for now folks.

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