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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Photo Album Part 1

So I basically owe you imaginary people out there reading my blog a shed load of pictures.... Can imaginary people read? Well I guess yes they can if you imagine that it's within their capability, and I do. I will not play host to a realm of illiterate imaginary folk.

[My Hair] 
1. 2.3.

1. Basically I get bored and do random stuff to it. Last year (End of Sept 2012)I was fed up with the fact that it never grows and Just cut it all off.... well not al off but considering it used to be just about shoulder length (If I pulled it) and then it went to just about brushing my ears. I was kinda going for a Megan Good look.

Yeah..... It didn't quite work out that way, but it was a helluva lot of fun having short hair (Short herr don't curr) it was so much cheaper to maintain as I didn't have to do anything to it, but it still surprisingly took longer than expected to style in the morning.

2. I also try and keep my hair in one style for the duration of me being in one place, if that makes any sense. So my hair was short all of my third year of uni, then when I started work I wanted it to be in braids, but because I knew I was going on holiday and would be getting my hair wet I wanted to wait till I got back. I also started work early this year so that meant everyone was oooing and aaaahing at my short hair then when I changed it to braid before everyone else started they were all oooing and aaaahing and asking questions and stuff which really annoys me at times. But yeah. Braids. Which I love and which love me. They are great in helping to make my hair grow, and I managed to keep it like this for like three months (I got it done twice but it was exactly the same so barely anyone noticed which is good) I love having purple in my hair as well. It's so subtle, yet it can just catch the light and suddenly everyone's like.... Dude, your hairs purple.

3. I have always always always wanted bangs, and so finally I bit the bullet after putting it off for so long, downside is that I had to get it done while I was still at work so that brought on the oohing and ahhhing. At first, as what tends to happen whenever I just get my hair done, I hated it. By the end of the week I was loving it. I think it just felt weird to go from no hair to hair everywhere and no forehead, my sister and mum didn't like it at first either, and I was freaking out to my friend about it and she is such a brutally honest bitch like myself that when she said she liked it that really helped. Also it's fun because this hair looks really good in hats.

(Cheeky snap I sent to my mum)

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