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Thursday, 31 October 2013

So I never really talk about clothes

Mainly because I'm quite blasé about them but every now and then there is an item that sparks interest and research, and in this case it was a Jumpsuit Emily was wearing on Revenge...

Both incredibly crappy pictures, but she looked good and Jumpsuits are never really something I paid any attention to even when they reserfaced a while back.

When I was researching this I cam across thus website called: Worn on TV which basically has all the best outfits from popular TV shows and where you can find the exact ones or ones that are close.
Pretty damn cool, especially looking up the Gossip Girl ones which were just amazing most of the time.

Turns out this particular number is a Michael Kors Strapless Jumpsuit which can by purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue for a mere $1995....
Yeah I think I'll elect to find a much cheaper alternative, unless any of you are feeling particularly generous this coming Christmas.

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