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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The ball is rolling

With final year stuff, which is good because for the past few weeks I've been feeling like I should be doing stuff but I actually had no stuff to do.

Schedules have been handed out and deadlines are already fast approaching and I love it.

I love milestones, deadlines and schedules, it makes everything move so much faster
por exjemplo for this mini project we have to do this semester
There's 3 weeks for pre-production, including this week
2 weeks to shoot
2 weeks for a final picture edit
2 weeks for sound edit
Then the week after it's screening time.

So 10 weeks till Christmas has been broken down into handy little segments, and it's funny because everyone's freaking out and I'm debating what deserts to bake for Christmas XD

I love being a stress free person.
Yes I am gloating that I don't stress out.
Well okay I stress a bit, but it will be for an hour every 8-10 weeks, and I had a stress sess about 2 weeks ago so for the time being, I'm all good.

I just need to work on focusing, which has never been one of my strong point...

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