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Monday, 11 November 2013

Academic Blogging, Bargain Hunting, Dissertation Progress and Stuff

As we know I have been putting off starting my academic blog for.... roughly 5 weeks now? Totally unlike me but I am going to dedicate the entire length of the day to catching up with it.... Yay (!)

Also today starts week 6 of my Insanity workout programme. Lord give me strength as I just had a sneak peak of what to come, and the words "Till the sweat drips from my balls" came to mind. Not entirely accurate but still completely relatable :)

Booked my ticket home for the holidays earlier this week. I wasn't actually planning to, I was just having a look of roughly how much it as going of this early in the game and then my eyes laid on the £1.00 symbol and my jaw dropped and I stared at it was way longer than necessary. I then tweeted my thoughts on such a crazy sighting, and then.... apprehensively... I booked it. There's the booking fee added on top of 50p but that's minor. So yeah. WHAT A BARGAIN. And did I mention this was a train ticket and not a coach? That's right bitches, I allow you to bask in the amazement.

Think I'm all up to date. I spent the weekend writing half my dissertation as I want it finished by next week wednesday so I can email in a rough draft to my tutor that we can then discuss at a tutorial on Friday, giving me three weeks to make changes and get feedback before I hand it in. The joke is that it's not even due in until January 9th, but the copy needs to be bounded etc and I can't really be bothered to head back up to uni for one day/night especially since classes don't start till the week of the 27th of January. So yeah.... See I TOLD you I'm normally way on top of my work ;)

Okay So I did technically just wake up half an hour ago so I need to grab some much and relax before I can actually start work ^_^

Monday, 4 November 2013

I'm not into blondes.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Overall Update considering I will most likely be abandoning you soon...

I have been putting off starting my academic blog, which is registered under a different email address which means the effort of logging in and out to switch between that blog and this one. We all know how lazy I am so the likeliness of that happening very often is pretty much slim.
[Random sidenote: Don't you think it's funny that the word Blog isn't an actual word? You think it would have at least been added to the Blogger dictionary or something so this red squiggly line stops appearing everytime I say the word]

List Of stuff I had to Blog aabout....

Doctor Who Post: Because I said I was going to do one like a million years ago. But maybe I'll be more in the mood to do one after the 50th Episode on November 23rd Bitches.

Halestorm: Are touring next year and I'm thinking of buying tickets. According to my sister there's a fine line between watching movies by yourself and going to a concert by yourself..... She's probably right buy no one I know likes them and I want to go so really it's as simple as that. I am a strong independent woman who doesn't allow other people to define the actions in their life *Snaps Fingers In Seatbelt Formation* So yeah I haven't bought it yet but I will.

Halloween: I can never get into, called up my friends to see what they were doing and decided that I really could not be bothered, plus I did have a tonne of work to do. It's not even about the dressing up part because I have had a costume on standby for the past 3 years (Cheerleader) but I just can't get into it.... The "Holiday" not the outfit.

2014 Diary Needed: I already have like five or six dates than can be penned in for 2014. It's going to be a good year and it's only 59 days away xD

Good Charlotte: I got back into them last week. I still love them, the Madden Twins have come so far, in terms of their sound, fashion sense and personal lives. Love it, and them.


Duo Linguo//Hobbies: The Spanish thing I'm still trying to keep up, it's pretty damn hard when you don't have anyone pushing you. Also I need to get back into knitting but they haven't finsihed building the new market in town which is roumoured to have a wool shop. Majorly excited.

Reading//reread list: I have been planning for the past two years to reread some of my favourite books and I just have't gotten round to it.... Surprising for me isn't it? Mostly because they are my favourite books and also with the surge of literary adaptations (Disso topic) I want to have one more adventure in my mind before it's eventually taken to screen Anyways to help I have comprised a list which will enable me to get that shit started come the new year. Books to reread are as followed:
Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Tulip Touch, Uglies, Noughts and Crosses, Fearless, Narnia.
It seems short but if you think how many books in the series on top of all my normal books to keep on top of. It's going to be a good reading year.


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