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Monday, 11 November 2013

Academic Blogging, Bargain Hunting, Dissertation Progress and Stuff

As we know I have been putting off starting my academic blog for.... roughly 5 weeks now? Totally unlike me but I am going to dedicate the entire length of the day to catching up with it.... Yay (!)

Also today starts week 6 of my Insanity workout programme. Lord give me strength as I just had a sneak peak of what to come, and the words "Till the sweat drips from my balls" came to mind. Not entirely accurate but still completely relatable :)

Booked my ticket home for the holidays earlier this week. I wasn't actually planning to, I was just having a look of roughly how much it as going of this early in the game and then my eyes laid on the £1.00 symbol and my jaw dropped and I stared at it was way longer than necessary. I then tweeted my thoughts on such a crazy sighting, and then.... apprehensively... I booked it. There's the booking fee added on top of 50p but that's minor. So yeah. WHAT A BARGAIN. And did I mention this was a train ticket and not a coach? That's right bitches, I allow you to bask in the amazement.

Think I'm all up to date. I spent the weekend writing half my dissertation as I want it finished by next week wednesday so I can email in a rough draft to my tutor that we can then discuss at a tutorial on Friday, giving me three weeks to make changes and get feedback before I hand it in. The joke is that it's not even due in until January 9th, but the copy needs to be bounded etc and I can't really be bothered to head back up to uni for one day/night especially since classes don't start till the week of the 27th of January. So yeah.... See I TOLD you I'm normally way on top of my work ;)

Okay So I did technically just wake up half an hour ago so I need to grab some much and relax before I can actually start work ^_^

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