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Monday, 2 December 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

So November 23rd has come and gone and me and my friend were lucky enough to get tickets to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in Cinema.
Now I honestly thought that it would be the two of us and an old man in a Fez at the screening. How wrong was I. Literally it was packed, and we got there pretty damn early too.
People were dressed up and everything it was brilliant, and me and my friend were disappointed that we didn't think to dress up (My Fez and Bow-tie are in London) and she forgot her Dalek t-shirt. But still it was amazing.
So like I said it was packed and I'm really specific of where I sit in the cinema and I luckily got my prefect seat which my friend found hilarious. There was a little into with 10/11 and the whovians went cray, it was great all laughing and understanding the same jokes, even throughout the movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were a few classical Moffat plot holes that my friend pointed out [She is totally against Steven Moffat and cannot move past Russell T Davies leaving] but overall it was brilliant and I can't wait to go home and watch it again as my sister watched it too and I told her to record it.
Then there's the Christmas Special of course which I feel very bitter sweet about because it means the end of my love 11 (Matt Smith) and on to 12 (Peter Capaldi)

So yeah that's that.
Oh and me and my friend decided that we would go and see the 100th Anniversary, so if that's not something to live for I don't know what is.

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