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Monday, 29 December 2014

Quick Catch Up

Item 1.
Me and my friends did presents and it went well, I bought and received the following:

Yorkshire Tea & The Wolf Of Wallstreet (Book) ~ Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters

Rubber Band Shooter Gun ~ Touch Screen Gloves

Hungover Pj's ~ Grow Your Own Boyfriend/Hipflask 

We had a blast.

Item 2.
I Now have three holidays in the works for 2015 as opposed to me earlier one.

Item 3.
My house is not a pleasant place to be right now for anybody, I managed to still catch jokes with my sisters, one of which came back on Boxing Day (She lives abroad) but Christmas was pretty much meh.

Item 4.
It was my friends birthday mid December, where I met all her other friends and we went to some chic bar in Shoreditch. It was all in all a jokes time. Shout Out to my Main Bitch.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

First Holiday For 2015 is Officially In The Works. Whoop Whoop.

I have not done Christmas Presents in years

When I say years I mean since my first Christmas at Uni probably. 
Mostly because I absolutely suck at buying people presents.
Like honestly, words cannot describe. 

Anyways I somehow accidentally managed to get the idea of Christmas presents into my friends head. Now I love my friend and was thinking about getting her something anyway but now I also need to get something for my other two friends. Like honestly I'm at a loss, for girls my default is alway jewellery, but for guys I am at a complete loss.

Ah we'll. Thinking cap on. Wish me luck. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Applied For My First Grad Job Yesterday.

I'm still planning to wait and look in January, but I saw the opportunity in an email I get every month and so obviously I'm not going to just pass it up.

That's all I'm saying on the subject now cause I'm quite superstitious about things like this. Well maybe superstitious is the wrong word, or it's that mixed with the fact that I am just very private and so I am not going into any detail. Just wanted to make this post as a reminder and a milestone even though I have a chart to plot all the jobs I'll apply to or whatever, this is still nice.

It's also the first time I've written a cover letter so I hope that goes over well, because in all non cocky honesty, I know my CV is very good and normally speaks for itself so  I've never really needed to write a cover letter when I apply for jobs. But it's he first time I'm using my Film CV and I guess now, shit gets real and any advantage helps (Even though I did get a first for it on one of my modules xD)

Okay enough on that, I have a bucket load to do today which starts with me getting out of bed. Which is what I said to myself an hour and forty one minutes ago.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Final Phases

When I say The Final Phase I don't specifically mean because November is coming to a close and the twelfth month of the year is dawning. I say this because way back when I always knew 2014 would be a good year for me, and when Ii say way back when, I mean like 2010. As I always knew that was the year I would finish university, and I could not wait, till my educational life came to an end. Officially. (Never say never). But as time went on, things got added to the 2014 list until I was left with....
Finish Uni in June
Last Summer at the Palace (Hopefully) July-Sept
South America in September - November
Graduate in November
Christmas Job/Relax until the new year.

And after Graduating last week.......

[My parents actually made it on time. No-one was more surprised than me.... except for my sister maybe. But we decided that we knew so deeply they wouldn't make it, that the universe HAD to make them make it. It's all in the stars]

I am now in the final phases, and I have to say that I am remarkably happy. Unbelievably so. The constant haze of depression that normally surrounds and intrudes on my everyday life is....dormant. Still there but inactive, and I can happily live with that. Honestly it's been this way since the last week of September when I jetted off and it's stuck around. I guess it's true, when people ask me when I am happiest, and my answer is; When I'm doing nothing.

Saying that I did start a silver service casual waiting staff job, and have done two shifts this week and have an Interview for a Christmas temp job tomorrow, but as the waitressing is casual I can work when I feel like it (Which means rarely) and the Christmas temp job (if I get it) is only until mid January, which works perfectly perfect with my plans. Hazar.

Happy Turkey Day mofos.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Side Note: I'm doing a 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Just Cause.

Hashtag Day 6 of 30

Post Travel and other nicknacks

So it has been a little over three weeks since my return from my south american travels. I can only ride on doing such an amazing thing for so long, the novelty will soon wear off and when it does I need to be ready.

Hmmmm I have no idea what that previous sentence means, I kind of just wrote it without thinking. Anyways, I have FINALLY bought myself this book and it is basically a blank book with subject headings to make lists on, such as; Where you've been/Where you would like to go on every continent, what you would like to see around the world, etc etc. I have already filled in a few bits here and there. Anyways it's cool and I will keep it forever, cause that's just the kind of gal I am.

But, yes travel. I have been keeping in contact with three of the other girls I met on my travels; The Australian, The Belgian and The New Yorker. It's great to hear what they're up to. One of them sent me a picture if them by their hotel roof pool which overlooks the beach. This was a beautifully upsetting picture. And I just got a call from two of them which was nice, I miss the sound of international voices (Weird but True). Plus it was nice to hear them tell me that they're always talking about me saying "Jen would love this" "If Jen was here" "Jen's probably in bed watching Netflix". Plus after speaking with them, I can't go back to just lying in bed and watching my shows. I feel like I should be doing more, but it's 1am on a Monday morning. There is nothing to be done. I guess it's the same feeling I had when  I got back; Restless, bored, can't do nothing. And I am never bored, plus doing nothing is normally one of my favourite things to do. Knowing that somewhere in the world someone is doing more, and you could be too,

Sigh. The heart of a wanderer is only settled when it flies.

I have finally picked my graduation outfit and hairstyle. I am not really stressy/bothered about such things buts basically I had a dress in mind that took me less than an hour to find online (Forever 21) but when it came to ordering it they didn't have any left in stock..... Or in stores. Which was annoying and meant I had to start the search all over again. Which of course was impossible. I originally wanted to wear a dress but have since settled on a skirt and blouse combo that looks banging. I'm heading up on Wednesday night, graduation Thursday morning, going out in the evening then heading home on Friday.... and possibly going out Friday night depending on how I feel.
Side Note: Can I just make a prediction that my parents won't show up on time/be let in to my graduation. I know what they're like and it honestly doesn't bother me. It's my day not theirs. I know my mom would call this "Negative Confession" to predict such a thing, but it is what it is.

On the job front I have applied to a total of three Christmas positions. Suffice to say I am not trying very hard at all. In all honesty I'm just happy to sit and do nothing until the new year. Money wise.... I have some, but it would mean that I need to just not spend as much, which is doable as I don't really spend money as it is. 

I'll see how things go and I'll catch you on the flip side of education.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Road So Far: The Road Ahead

So.... What Now?

Well my plan is to just find a Christmas Job (Sadly missed the Selfridges window) just to replenish the cash I spent on my trip, that and also for practicality. I can't sit and only look for film jobs, what if I get nothing and then I'm poor and miserable. Also my routine since September 2010 has been; School, Work, School, Work, School, Work, School, Work, Travel.
Give a girl a break.
Also I graduate in 11 days, so there's that.

So yeah, I don't really plan to look for a film related job until January, and in the meantime I'll just work on my own..... stuff...... like plans....... and stuff. Don't worry about it. It's all part of my major grand plan that I'm not even sure what it is.

Also I hopefully want to go and visit some people that I know that are still at uni. But we'll see.

Hasta Luego

The Road So Far: October? What's October?

I'm going to keep this really short otherwise it could be really very long.

On September 25th I flew out to Lima in Peru and stared my 35day adventure across the great country that is South America. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned the planning process or the anticipation of this trip before *Goes and does a quick search to check* [] but it's been a long time coming.

I went to Peru; where I did the Inca Trail and laid eyes on the wonder that is Machu Pichu, Bolivia; Where I learnt that the perspective pictures on the Salt Flats are a lot harder than I anticipated, Chile; Where my passion for the stars grew and Argentina; The place that made me feel like I was finally home.

Landing back in the UK on October 31st, was the day that I was suddenly angry to live in London. A first for me. To calm the storm brewing inside me as everyone told me how glad they were that I was back and I could do nothing but grunt in disagreement, I allowed myself to wallow for a few days..... Then started planning my trips for next year. Whether or not they will come to pass is irrelevant. I always like to be prepared. Belgium, Asia and New York, here I come.

The Road So Far: Summer 2014

*Cue Kansas - Carry On Son*

So this summer, as always, I had a list of things I wanted to do. I have been making a summer list for as long as I can remember and this years consisted of the following.

Make Tie Dye T-shirts
Ride A Barclays Bike
Have Ukulele Lessons
Go to Hyde Park
Go To Bournemouth Beach
Have a Spa Day
Find a Second Job
Go To Harry  Potter Studios
Go out for a Steak Meal
See The Lion King in Theatre
Go to Meat Liquor
Go To Thorpe Park in September

I know I know. Two out of Twelve is actually just miserable. Normally it's because I let work get in the way, but this time around, I just had so much on.... social wise, that I just didn't have the time. Also a lot of these aren't one person activities, and my sister who I usually drag along with me, had a busy summer with friends as she was going off to un is September, and my other sister who never has any plans, actually had a job this summer and our schedules never coincided. Sad Times.

Well actually no, not really cause I had a lot of fun this summer at work. I was so high up in the rank this summer that the job itself was actually just a breeze. -Side Note: I applied for Supervisor but didn't get it for reasons I won't go into, but in the end I was glad I didn't get it as I had so much more fun just doing what I do- I also met some kickass people. All in all it was actually my best and worst summer which makes it the most interesting in someways.

Shout out to my main bitches and my side bitches

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I am glad that people in the world still blog regularly, even though I am sadly not one of those people.

I have developed into one of those binge bloggers. I post a shit load then there will be nothing from me for months. Though like I always say, it' cause there is nothing interesting happening in my day to day life.

Let the mass binge blogging begin.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Things I have been doing instead of academic blogging

I watched Twisted, the whole 19 episode season
I watched two seasons of Game of Thrones..... In two days.
Yes. That's 10 episodes a day
I watched a shit load of cooking videos
I made chicken soup.
I sold my chest of draws
I spent HOURS at my friends house
I went for a few walks
I started up with Pretty Little Liars Again.

I'm not sure how long I can keep procrastinating for.

lol joke, I can do this forever.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Deadlines and Submissions

Just submitted my 3000 word Critical Evaluation.

Two more things to tie up;

The Academic Blog that I intend to work on next week.

and the film still need to be finished, (Going to try not to rid my sound designers EARS OFF tomorrow, oh the irony.)

But Still

Whoop Whoop.

Monday, 19 May 2014

This post will probably fall on deaf ears....eyes?

But Comment Bellow just saying Hello, or tick that button where it says Funny

Curious how many people actually read my Blog posts.

Awkward moment when nobody says Hello or thinks I'm Funny

Blogging is a bit like Pringles; Once You Pop You Just Cant't Stop

I say this because I keep thinking of random stuff to add, this always happens, I can't just post one thing, I have to post like five things. Which is fair enough because when I sign out who knows when I'll be back.

Okay so 2048 is like this number tiles game. My friend introduced me to it, she was playing an Orphan Black version one day and I was like, what are you playing? How does it work? I don't get it! THEN she sent me a Docto Who version which in some ways helped the game mamake much more sense to me. FROM THERE I sort of opened the flood gates, and made my own version [My Little Pony] tI was upper addicted to the game and eventually went cold turkey and completely forgot about it, then after I watched Orphan Black my friend sent me the link to the one she was playing because it made much more sense.... THEN I started researching all these other versions based on a few of my favourite shows [Reign, Avatar, Greys Anatomy] THEN I found a male celebrities one which was fun, then I found a Jared Leto one which was even funner THEN I made myself another version, this time based on Barbies Life in The Dreamhouse. Suffice to say the obsession is back with a vengeance.

But here's a few links to a few versions

The Original

Doctor Who

My Little Pony

Celebrity Men

Basically just Google: "Name of favourite show" 2048 and see what you can find.

Have fun and sorry for the addiction you will incur in advance.

How very Pintresting

I am really enjoying Pintrest at the moment. I feel like it's a mix between a more organised Tumblr and moodboard. I've got boards for travel, fashion inspiration, fiction characters I love, films, inspirational quotes, hot guys.
Here's a cheeky screengrab from my board titled Swatches which is basically home d├ęcor ideas. Where am I going, you ask? Nowhere is the answer. I am going nowhere. Yet.

This is a very small selection, I think I've got 50pins on this board which is really nothing. I've got pins of beautiful staircases, home cinemas, kitchens, couches. I'm nuts I know but what would be the point of life you could not dream? Gosh can you imagine being stuck in reality 24/7? I make it my mission to stay away from reality for as long as possible.

YouTube Business

I randomly started watching this chick
Its funny because this is the opposite to anything I'm interested in, she's blond, bubbly, and talks about make up and fashion. All the complete opposite to me, and yet I found myself watching two years worth of her "Monthly Favourites" videos.

I will probably get bored and just stop watching but for the time being check her out
That wounds so promotional, like my next line should be: Tell her Jen sent you.
Yeah right I am well aware no one reads my posts, but that's just fine.

The way this post is titled you'd think I had more YouTube related things to say..... I don't. That was it.

Greys Anatomy: Goodbye Sandra Oh.

So season 10 of Greys Anatomy came to a close on Friday and with it meant the last episode of my favourite character Cristina Yang.
We knew the actress had decided to leave the show before season 10 even premiered, and so every episode was me holding me breathe and praying that Shonda Rhimes wouldn't be the monster we know she can be and basically kill off my favourite character. I was particularly on eggshells duing the last episodes. I had in mind from day one how I wanted Cristina to leave and I believe she got the ending she deserved.
I have been told that we are one and the same and that is in all honesty nothing short of an amazing compliment. Even before I started watching the show, one of my friends said to me: You'll like it especially Cristina, you're just like her. I normally hate being compared to other people because I prefer to think of myself as an individual, but in this case I let that slide.

During the episode: I laughed, I cried, my heart sank and it swelled and I was ultimately pleased. Cristina's final words were really inspirational and I was left thinking:


Obviously other things happened in the episode, that made for decent plot lines for season 11 but all I cared about was my shadow self. [Hashtag Vampire Diaries reference] and as I said before, yes, I will be watching the next season but how they're going fill such a massive character is beyond me. But if anyone can, Shonda can.


As you are well aware I love nothing more than settling down with a TV Series and in the fall of 2013 I posted a list of the shows I was currently watching.

Well now it's all over. Got one or two shows left but by the end of this week, that will be it. I actually can't cope, I need things to watch, I'm actually a little disgusted with myself, but then I remember how much I love watching a new TV series and that disgust washes away into happiness. So anyways here's a round up of the shows that I have finished and have things to say on, as well as the ones that I have shameful started and finished that aren't even part of the regular viewing schedule. Probably a list of shows that I will be starting in the near future.... SHE SAID LIKE SHE DIDN'T HAVE A DEGREE TO PASS.

*Spoilers may incur but I will try and be as subtle as possible*

Revenge: I was debating stopping come next season, but the cliffhanger means that I HAVE to watch next season. Things will take an interesting turn I expect.

How I Met Your Mother: I have had various debates about the ending, I personally am against the final scene but overall the episodes structure was a great way to end the show.

The Originals: I didn't like how their parents are back, I mean can't people just STAY dead? Also the new werewolf clan just annoy me. But it was an episode filled with a lot of jaw dropping, heart wrenching and and gasping moments for which I am thankful.

Supernatural: The finale airs this week but so far words I neer thought I'd say: I can't stand Dean. I could rant and rave but I won't I'll just let that comment stand. I have heard that the last few seconds is going to be amazing but I'll believe it when I see it. Undecided about watching next season.

The Tomorrow People: I dropped like a hot potato after the winter season Finale. No Regrets there.

The Vampire Diaries: I shall continue depending on how I feel after the first episode because that season finale ended on a mighty cliffhanger.

Greys Anatomy: Deserves a separate post, but yes, I will continue watching.

Scandal: My girl Shonda knows what she's doing.

Reign: Can't wait for season 2 though I suspect where it's going.

Glee: I give up on. Went to watch the second half of the season and I just skipped through the episode bored.


I watched all 4 seasons of The Good Wife they had on Netflix and now I need to watch season 5 which I believe is just come to a close today.

I watched a new series called Hit The Floor in 4days. Granted there were only 10 episodes but still, looking forward to season 2 NEXT WEEK

My friend made me watch Orphan Black, which I started on Monday and had caught up to TV time for when the next episode aired on a Sunday

This week I caught up with Suits, which thankfully returns for a 4th season in June


I need to start watching the following
Under The Dome
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
Hart of Dixie (Possibly)
Lost In Austen

As I was saying....

As well as that my mind is filled with candy, nuts and tacks.

That's the best way I have of describing all my thoughts.

I have a million and one ideas and plans with new ones cropping up everyday.

I need time to just sit and stop and just.

Not think.

That's the best explanation I can come up with.

More personal insight later.

Prepare for an onslaught of random posts.

So many thoughts in my head

Taking a break from writing this Critical Evaluation for my final film, which is due on the 22nd May.... The Evaluation not the film. My portfolio is due on the 6th of June. Which is a bit strange that the Evaluation is due prior to the actual completion of the film but whatever I've given up trying to make sense of the education system.

So according to my countdown I have 17 days left of uni, but in some ways I have already finished and in other ways I have more than 17 days.

Let me break it down for you:
On the 15th of May I screened my film to my tutors and half my peers, that date counted as the last official teaching day. So in a way I've already finished uni.
But the Official screening where friends, family, actors etc come and watch everyone's films is on the 5th of June. That and the fact the film is still being sound edited and picture touch ups are happening.
I will probably stay in Sheffield till the 15th of June.

Hence why my 17 days is now more of an estimate.

I was supposed to be starting work early for the summer but then I didn't and I was resigned to the fact I had till the 21st of June before I became a workaholic. But my boss just rang me and was like.... Can you start Monday.

*Sigh* And so begins money over happiness.

I always pick happiness, but I just got an electricity bill of £208.66 so happiness might have to postponed, or transferred into the form of a cheeky gift for myself.

I started to plan my farewell tour. Well I say "Tour" it was more like me going out with a few different groups of friends, and a couple more "Pizza Booze Telly" nights thrown in. Also my friend is making a music video that he said I can help out with/be in. Also I have some stuff to do that requires the universities resources and so going back early disrupts all of that

I don't know I don't know I don't know.

As well as that..... Hold up, lemme just start a new post.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

No More Apologies

I blog when I can and when I can remember.

Not a lot has really happened on the "interesting factor" of things since I last blogged. But then again the things I blog about are hardly the most jaw dropping of topics.

I have given up on my 365day movie challenge, because let's face, it. Who really has that kind of time? I sure as hell didn't, but I did watch a lot interesting films both classic and horrendous and it was fun for the time it lasted. Everytime I watch a movie, I'll still add it to the list I started on imdb, but it won't be so religious.

I went and saw Halestorm, yes, alone, but someone on my course was there doing photography and even if she wasn't it wouldn't really have mattered. The only time I really felt "by myself" was before the band went on and the gaps between when the opening acts played, but it was minor. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I LOVE LZZY HALE. They played all my favourites and they sound great live, also loved their rendition of Pharells Get Lucky and I got a lovely t-shirt.

I had a report due in for the 29th of April that took up all my time but was actually very beneficial because it not only showed me just how prepared I am for finishing uni and getting a job, but also I learned a number of alternative methods to getting to where I want to be in the long run. The report title was as follows:

Researching The Options: What are the fundamental steps and key skills I need to acquire in the next five years to be on my way to becoming an established Writer Director in the British Film and TV Industries. 

It was a great read if I do say so myself.

Also I had a birthday like two months ago, and in standard Jen fashion I did nothing.

I am still working on my final film UNFORTUNATELY it's just that after I handed in my report I felt like I was finished because of the amount of effort that went into completing it so now to go back and do another reshoot and picture/sound edit I'm just like; Melhbskw;guduwogdqwkhkjwsd/ge...... if you know what I mean. According to my lovely countdown I only have 29days left till I am officially done so I just need to grin and bare it until then.

I have watch the four seasons they have of The Good Wife on Netflix and so need to watch season 5 which is out now. Watched this series called Hit The Floor which I now LOVE and just started Orphan Black at the persistence of my friend, which 3 episodes in isn't horrible, but at the same time isn't that great. I should also be starting Game of Thrones soon. I hate catching up to TV time so I'm going to wait till a few weeks before the current season is about to end. 

This post felt really scattered to me, so for that I apologise, my mind is a little scattered, I am months behind on my academic blog which I haven't touched since maybe February? Which kind of explains why I suddenly remembered my original blog. Also I love that I still have time for TV.

Also I got a new phone. FINALLY

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Not that I've posted a whole lot in a while, but it's back to academic blogging.

So let me just give you a quick recap since my last post.... *Goes off and reads last post*
Ah right so I'm back at uni. Came back a week and a day ago, and I'm glad I left when I did as things were starting to get a little tense with the family and I really felt like I had outstayed my welcome in my own house. So here I am, preparing for my final semester, FINALLY, trying to focus on some stuff outside of uni, still trying to make some new friends at my sisters insistence, but I'm honestly not too concerned, I'm just to selective, and that's not a bad thing it just makes things slightly more difficult.

Also my movie challenge is going swell
My reading on the other hand.... not so swell. It's like I started The Catcher in The Rye, a relatively short novel, with easy pages, but I just couldn't get into it. I started this book like 3weeks ago and I'm not even half way through. Might have to pause it and read something else to kickstart the reading flow or something.

I'm enjoying all my job finding research and can't wait to get started applying for stuff in December, which is incredibly far away but that's the plan.

That's everything I am in the mood to discuss. Wish me luck and smooth sailing in these next 123days and descending hours till my educational period finally comes to an end.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Back To Uni Tomorrow

Roll on Semester two, the quicker we get started the quicker I am finished.

Looking forward to it though, gonna see how much stuff I can cram in to do while my days in Sheffield are numbered.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's 1am and I just finished my days movie.

I'm not sure how far I'm even going to get in this challenge.
I'm the sort of person that looks for a reason to give up
(Terrible I know, but one issue at a time eh?)
So if I miss a day, before I know it I'd have missed a week
Then a Month then it'd be the turn of the year and I would
Have only seen like 40 movies or something equally pitiful.

Yeah so this thought just popped into my head because
As well as my movie which averages at around 100 minutes
I also need to have my nightly before bed reading sessions
Watch all my shows which can be between 2 and 4 a day
Occasionally have a social life, and maybe do some uni work.

Lord have mercy.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Because There's Nothing Like A Good Challenge

It's not a new years resolution, the idea just happened to coincide with the upcoming new year.

365 movies in one year.

To all of you that didn't take A level math like me. It roughly works out to one movie a day for a year.

That is what I aim to do. It started when my cousin kept naming all these films and I was all like
"Oooooh I've heard of that one"
"It's on my never ending list"

etc etc, and I randomly just thought, why not help my never ending list get a little shorter?
Although this idea plagues to be a little difficult as I for one I refuse to watch movies online through those random websites. I used to (hypothetically of course) but one day just couldn't take the combing for a good link, the constant pop ups, the poor quality, and the buffering. So I only watch films in the cinema or on Sky, Sky on demand, and of course DVD's and good old television.
But Sky is limited in its resources and every night so far has been a struggle to get Sky on Demand to load.

So now my thinking has come to the inevitable..... Netflix. I had it for a while in my place last year but lets face it, it'll come in real handy for my challenge, and there's just so much more choice.

I'll see.

Why Hello 2014, What The Fudge Took You So Long?

I am the bitter spirit who craps all over new year resolutions and all that other crap affiliated with the start of a new year.
This year I am doing it with slightly less contempt as I have personally been looking forward to 2014 since about 2010.
The reasons have just happened to accumulate over the years until before I even know it this year was filled with very wonderful things. And as we all know there's nothing I like more than a countdown, and well the clock has hit zero for 2014 and I have about half a dozen events spread throughout this year to countdown within
Loving it
Loving it
Loving it
I'm not going to go into too much detail about what I'm looking forward to but up there on top the the list, the big geezer that started it all is GRADUATION. That's right twitches, these shackles that confine me to the educational system will soon bind me no longer.
My first event is finishing uni itself, because pitifully graduation isn't until November, and so I countdown to the blessed date of June 5th. The Showing of my final film.
(Actually my first event is my birthday, because I actually hate being 21, but that's minor.)
That's all for now and you will hopefully be subjected to many a happy post about said events that are occurring, and I will be sure to (try and remember to) announce which events were part of my 2014 anticipation.

2nd Part of My Little Catch Up (Post Uni)

Okay so I got home and my cousin Angie was already there. She arrived the day before and she'd be staying for the Christmas period because her sister and her mum had gone to Nigeria to visit her baby brother.

At first I was like ;oieu.ewudhofe.fbgufg.qvkegfui because I hate spending time with people (Yes, yes I know I STILL need to work on that) but because it was preplanned my mind had time to adjust and I was in a neutral headspace about it. Anyways we had a blast. I promptly told my older sister via skype that she had been replace, because as we know she can't come home for the festive season due to the differentiation in the Ukrainian and English calender over when to celebrate Christmas.

[Okay so I got this far then got distracted like a few days a go and just remembered that I never actually finished this post. Now however I have completely lost my stride and so this post must come to an abrupt stop.]

Monday, 6 January 2014

Okay so lemme just give you guys a quick catch up.

I handed in my dissertation on like December 18th, even though it's not due till January the 9th. I'm not one for bragging, and to be honest I'm not bragging just stating the facts, and only ever divulged this information when it was directly asked of me. BUT HERE on my lovely blog I can actually really pat myself on the back. *Pat* *Pat*
To be fair, there were a number of logical reasons why I decided to get it done so early.
1. I would have to get back up to uni to bind it before handing it in
2. Even if I bound it in London I would have then had to mail it in. But I don't trust the post
3. I would have had to bring my books for referencing reasons.
4. I knew that when I got home for Christmas I just plain and simply would not have the time.
5. I got all the tutor help possible beforehand so why delay.

Anyways, I'm swimming in happy days and I'm super proud of myself.

Before I came back to London we had this sort of viewing event where we showcased our work for submission, and I volunteered to be one of the presenter. Don't ask me why I did, I just did okay. It had to be scripted but I refused to tell any of the corny jokes because I am plain and simply, not funny. What I am is rude and sarcastic, even when I don't mean to be, so these rude and sarcastic comments surfaced while I was presenting and it was cheered to by all, much to the slight contempt of my other two presenters I may add. I'm tired of telling this story now, but I'll just add that I was then convinced to go out with my course mates after, and it actually wasn't half bad..... despite having to wake up hungover the next day at 8:00am (well more like 4hours later) because I hadn't packed and my train was leaving at 12:30.

Also I actually managed to get to the end of my Insanity 60day workout programme. I don't want to go into to much detail in my progress or whatever because I could be prone to painful flashbacks. But againg Yay me *Pat* *Pat*


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