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Friday, 24 January 2014

Back To Uni Tomorrow

Roll on Semester two, the quicker we get started the quicker I am finished.

Looking forward to it though, gonna see how much stuff I can cram in to do while my days in Sheffield are numbered.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's 1am and I just finished my days movie.

I'm not sure how far I'm even going to get in this challenge.
I'm the sort of person that looks for a reason to give up
(Terrible I know, but one issue at a time eh?)
So if I miss a day, before I know it I'd have missed a week
Then a Month then it'd be the turn of the year and I would
Have only seen like 40 movies or something equally pitiful.

Yeah so this thought just popped into my head because
As well as my movie which averages at around 100 minutes
I also need to have my nightly before bed reading sessions
Watch all my shows which can be between 2 and 4 a day
Occasionally have a social life, and maybe do some uni work.

Lord have mercy.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Because There's Nothing Like A Good Challenge

It's not a new years resolution, the idea just happened to coincide with the upcoming new year.

365 movies in one year.

To all of you that didn't take A level math like me. It roughly works out to one movie a day for a year.

That is what I aim to do. It started when my cousin kept naming all these films and I was all like
"Oooooh I've heard of that one"
"It's on my never ending list"

etc etc, and I randomly just thought, why not help my never ending list get a little shorter?
Although this idea plagues to be a little difficult as I for one I refuse to watch movies online through those random websites. I used to (hypothetically of course) but one day just couldn't take the combing for a good link, the constant pop ups, the poor quality, and the buffering. So I only watch films in the cinema or on Sky, Sky on demand, and of course DVD's and good old television.
But Sky is limited in its resources and every night so far has been a struggle to get Sky on Demand to load.

So now my thinking has come to the inevitable..... Netflix. I had it for a while in my place last year but lets face it, it'll come in real handy for my challenge, and there's just so much more choice.

I'll see.

Why Hello 2014, What The Fudge Took You So Long?

I am the bitter spirit who craps all over new year resolutions and all that other crap affiliated with the start of a new year.
This year I am doing it with slightly less contempt as I have personally been looking forward to 2014 since about 2010.
The reasons have just happened to accumulate over the years until before I even know it this year was filled with very wonderful things. And as we all know there's nothing I like more than a countdown, and well the clock has hit zero for 2014 and I have about half a dozen events spread throughout this year to countdown within
Loving it
Loving it
Loving it
I'm not going to go into too much detail about what I'm looking forward to but up there on top the the list, the big geezer that started it all is GRADUATION. That's right twitches, these shackles that confine me to the educational system will soon bind me no longer.
My first event is finishing uni itself, because pitifully graduation isn't until November, and so I countdown to the blessed date of June 5th. The Showing of my final film.
(Actually my first event is my birthday, because I actually hate being 21, but that's minor.)
That's all for now and you will hopefully be subjected to many a happy post about said events that are occurring, and I will be sure to (try and remember to) announce which events were part of my 2014 anticipation.

2nd Part of My Little Catch Up (Post Uni)

Okay so I got home and my cousin Angie was already there. She arrived the day before and she'd be staying for the Christmas period because her sister and her mum had gone to Nigeria to visit her baby brother.

At first I was like ;oieu.ewudhofe.fbgufg.qvkegfui because I hate spending time with people (Yes, yes I know I STILL need to work on that) but because it was preplanned my mind had time to adjust and I was in a neutral headspace about it. Anyways we had a blast. I promptly told my older sister via skype that she had been replace, because as we know she can't come home for the festive season due to the differentiation in the Ukrainian and English calender over when to celebrate Christmas.

[Okay so I got this far then got distracted like a few days a go and just remembered that I never actually finished this post. Now however I have completely lost my stride and so this post must come to an abrupt stop.]

Monday, 6 January 2014

Okay so lemme just give you guys a quick catch up.

I handed in my dissertation on like December 18th, even though it's not due till January the 9th. I'm not one for bragging, and to be honest I'm not bragging just stating the facts, and only ever divulged this information when it was directly asked of me. BUT HERE on my lovely blog I can actually really pat myself on the back. *Pat* *Pat*
To be fair, there were a number of logical reasons why I decided to get it done so early.
1. I would have to get back up to uni to bind it before handing it in
2. Even if I bound it in London I would have then had to mail it in. But I don't trust the post
3. I would have had to bring my books for referencing reasons.
4. I knew that when I got home for Christmas I just plain and simply would not have the time.
5. I got all the tutor help possible beforehand so why delay.

Anyways, I'm swimming in happy days and I'm super proud of myself.

Before I came back to London we had this sort of viewing event where we showcased our work for submission, and I volunteered to be one of the presenter. Don't ask me why I did, I just did okay. It had to be scripted but I refused to tell any of the corny jokes because I am plain and simply, not funny. What I am is rude and sarcastic, even when I don't mean to be, so these rude and sarcastic comments surfaced while I was presenting and it was cheered to by all, much to the slight contempt of my other two presenters I may add. I'm tired of telling this story now, but I'll just add that I was then convinced to go out with my course mates after, and it actually wasn't half bad..... despite having to wake up hungover the next day at 8:00am (well more like 4hours later) because I hadn't packed and my train was leaving at 12:30.

Also I actually managed to get to the end of my Insanity 60day workout programme. I don't want to go into to much detail in my progress or whatever because I could be prone to painful flashbacks. But againg Yay me *Pat* *Pat*


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