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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2nd Part of My Little Catch Up (Post Uni)

Okay so I got home and my cousin Angie was already there. She arrived the day before and she'd be staying for the Christmas period because her sister and her mum had gone to Nigeria to visit her baby brother.

At first I was like ;oieu.ewudhofe.fbgufg.qvkegfui because I hate spending time with people (Yes, yes I know I STILL need to work on that) but because it was preplanned my mind had time to adjust and I was in a neutral headspace about it. Anyways we had a blast. I promptly told my older sister via skype that she had been replace, because as we know she can't come home for the festive season due to the differentiation in the Ukrainian and English calender over when to celebrate Christmas.

[Okay so I got this far then got distracted like a few days a go and just remembered that I never actually finished this post. Now however I have completely lost my stride and so this post must come to an abrupt stop.]

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