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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Because There's Nothing Like A Good Challenge

It's not a new years resolution, the idea just happened to coincide with the upcoming new year.

365 movies in one year.

To all of you that didn't take A level math like me. It roughly works out to one movie a day for a year.

That is what I aim to do. It started when my cousin kept naming all these films and I was all like
"Oooooh I've heard of that one"
"It's on my never ending list"

etc etc, and I randomly just thought, why not help my never ending list get a little shorter?
Although this idea plagues to be a little difficult as I for one I refuse to watch movies online through those random websites. I used to (hypothetically of course) but one day just couldn't take the combing for a good link, the constant pop ups, the poor quality, and the buffering. So I only watch films in the cinema or on Sky, Sky on demand, and of course DVD's and good old television.
But Sky is limited in its resources and every night so far has been a struggle to get Sky on Demand to load.

So now my thinking has come to the inevitable..... Netflix. I had it for a while in my place last year but lets face it, it'll come in real handy for my challenge, and there's just so much more choice.

I'll see.

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