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Monday, 19 May 2014

Blogging is a bit like Pringles; Once You Pop You Just Cant't Stop

I say this because I keep thinking of random stuff to add, this always happens, I can't just post one thing, I have to post like five things. Which is fair enough because when I sign out who knows when I'll be back.

Okay so 2048 is like this number tiles game. My friend introduced me to it, she was playing an Orphan Black version one day and I was like, what are you playing? How does it work? I don't get it! THEN she sent me a Docto Who version which in some ways helped the game mamake much more sense to me. FROM THERE I sort of opened the flood gates, and made my own version [My Little Pony] tI was upper addicted to the game and eventually went cold turkey and completely forgot about it, then after I watched Orphan Black my friend sent me the link to the one she was playing because it made much more sense.... THEN I started researching all these other versions based on a few of my favourite shows [Reign, Avatar, Greys Anatomy] THEN I found a male celebrities one which was fun, then I found a Jared Leto one which was even funner THEN I made myself another version, this time based on Barbies Life in The Dreamhouse. Suffice to say the obsession is back with a vengeance.

But here's a few links to a few versions

The Original

Doctor Who

My Little Pony

Celebrity Men

Basically just Google: "Name of favourite show" 2048 and see what you can find.

Have fun and sorry for the addiction you will incur in advance.

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