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Monday, 19 May 2014

Greys Anatomy: Goodbye Sandra Oh.

So season 10 of Greys Anatomy came to a close on Friday and with it meant the last episode of my favourite character Cristina Yang.
We knew the actress had decided to leave the show before season 10 even premiered, and so every episode was me holding me breathe and praying that Shonda Rhimes wouldn't be the monster we know she can be and basically kill off my favourite character. I was particularly on eggshells duing the last episodes. I had in mind from day one how I wanted Cristina to leave and I believe she got the ending she deserved.
I have been told that we are one and the same and that is in all honesty nothing short of an amazing compliment. Even before I started watching the show, one of my friends said to me: You'll like it especially Cristina, you're just like her. I normally hate being compared to other people because I prefer to think of myself as an individual, but in this case I let that slide.

During the episode: I laughed, I cried, my heart sank and it swelled and I was ultimately pleased. Cristina's final words were really inspirational and I was left thinking:


Obviously other things happened in the episode, that made for decent plot lines for season 11 but all I cared about was my shadow self. [Hashtag Vampire Diaries reference] and as I said before, yes, I will be watching the next season but how they're going fill such a massive character is beyond me. But if anyone can, Shonda can.

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